HideAway Pets *Review*

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HideAway Pets are the hot new toy that every kid is asking for! I know my daughter wanted one ever since she seen the catchy commercial that she would not stop singing and begging for one!  HideAway Pets open up to play, then curl up & hide away! HideAway Pets are available in 7 different animals including a Siberian Husky, Persian Kitten, African Lion, Snow Monkey, Lop Eared Bunny, Hedgehog, and Penguin.

Leilani and JJ of course want to collect them all and so when I got the chance to review one of these cute “pets” I was so excited. Leilani HAD to have the Lop Eared Bunny and luckily that is the one we received 🙂 She named her Floppy.


Have you heard of HideAway Pets?? Like I mentioned before, there are so many different ones to choose from and collect. Your child is sure to be able to find a new best friend. These pets are so unique because they have a hidden trick. Kids can play with them like a normal stuffed animal and when its time for a nap or some down time they can easily curl them up and hide them away. When the HideAway Pet is tucked away  (sleeping” as Leilani says) kids can use them as a pillow. My son on the other hand loves to tuck the HideAway Pet away and roll it around like a ball or play catch with it, which is very fun because the pet is so soft I do not have to worry about him breaking anything or hurting himself.

The softness is the first thing I noticed about this cuddly little friend and look at how adorable these guys look. The Lop Eared Bunny has those big floppy soft ears that my daughter can’t get enough of.


As you can see one of the secret snaps is hidden in the fur of your pets head and is easy for kids to snap their pet into the hideaway mode.


The other snap is located on the pets bottom which allows it to be tucked into a ball. Tuck in the ears, and legs and snap her shut.


Here is what the HideAway Pet looks like tucked into a cuddly ball of cuteness! You wouldn’t even know there was a cute pet hidden in there if you were unaware of a HideAway Pet.


My kids 100% approve of the HideAway Pet. Leilani kind of took her over and claimed her but she loves sharing with her brother, as long as she is the one that gets to cuddle her to sleep. This is an ADORABLE toy and is everything Leilani was hoping for and more. She was so cute non stop hugging her new friend. She talks to her and takes her everywhere she goes. They’re new BFFS!


I highly recommend HideAway Pets for all children. They are sure to love them! I know we will be adding more HideAway Pets to our home very soon because HideAway Pets are in retail stores nationwide this summer including ToysRUs, Target, Kmart, and Walmart (how exciting?!).

You can check out HideAway Pets on their Website

You can also connect with HideAway Pets on Facebook and Twitter  to keep up with their latest additions and promotions.

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