Infantino Squeeze Station & Accessories *Review*

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” The Squeeze Station is a one-stop-solution that presses your delicious, homemade baby food and toddler snacks into easy-to-store and ready-to-serve, go-anywhere pouches. We also made it easy to clean so there’s no fuss, no mess, just yum! “

From the Fresh Squeezed Feeding Line, I am extremely happy to introduce you to the Infantino squeeze station and accessories.


The second Infantino stated they needed reviews on their Squeeze Station I jumped at the opportunity to review this amazing invention. I never made my own baby purées before, but I have always wanted to. I never knew how easy it could be. Since neither of my children eat baby food anymore I never thought I would have the chance to make Baby purées but it turns out that my children are super extra picky and sometimes the only way to get them to eat veggies is in those store-bought premade pouches. I have seen some horror stories floating around the web about the pouches that you buy in the store  but I never knew if the rumors were true. I would only buy the organic ones because I figured they would be the safest route but not too long ago we had a couple pouches that were not to their expiration date yet and they tasted horrible and just did not look right at all. Since then I refuse to purchase them for my kids anymore and decided to try and make my own but the problem was I wanted something that would be simple and easy to use.

The Infantino squeeze station is my lifesaver. It’s everything a parent could ask for. There could not be a easier way to make homemade pouches for my children.  I love that the pouches are disposable and easy to label. I also like that the tops are big enough to not be a choking hazard. Still of course keep them out of reach of children. The station is very simple to take completely apart and wash and reassemble again, which is a dream!


Like I said, sometimes the only way I can get my kids to eat vegetables are in these pouches. I made them a blueberry Apple and carrot pouch and they absolutely loved it. They did not even know that I hid vegetables in there! I also have ingredients this week to make green bean, pear and Greek yogurt pouches. It sounds so yummy even I want to eat it! I know they will love it as well.

I think I am officially addicted to making my children’s own pouches. Pictured is our Banana Split pouches. Here is how I made them:

Banana split


  • two bananas
  • 1 cup of pineapple
  • 1 1/4 cup of milk (regular, soy,’s your choice)
  • 1/2 cup of strawberries
  • 2 tablespoons of honey
  • 1 to 2 cups of ice

(you can use either fresh or frozen food for this recipe I used fresh.)


1. place the bananas, pineapple, milk, strawberries and honey and blender. Blend until the individual fruits are broken down smooth.

2. Add the ice to the mixture and blend until you have the desired consistency. Usually it’s perfect after about 10 ice cubes


The Squeeze Station also has great accessories that you can purchase to go along with it. It comes with 10 disposable pouches with tops. Infantino also sent me a box of 50 disposable pouches, a couple a spoons, keeper squeeze pouch (non disposable), and Fridge and Freezer Sleeve.

My son loves apple sauce and so I fill the reusable pouch up for him every day and it is easy for him to hold and feed himself. Neither of my babies like to be fed by their mommy anymore 😦 but I love that the “couple a spoons” fit right on both the reusable and disposable pouches. The spoons would be great for on the go feedings or feeding babies who do not know how to feed themselves the pouches yet. I will be saving these in hopes of getting to use them one day!


The pouches will stay fresh in the fridge for 48 hours and fresh if frozen for 2 weeks. I love having the Fridge and Freezer sleeve because it conveniently  fit in the freezer without taking up much room. I made 10 pouches so I decided to freeze them so they taste their freshest. To unthaw just run under warm water for a minute or two and ta-da! a fresh snack for the kiddos!


Leilani and JJ loved these pouches as much as I enjoyed making them. What could be better than making your own pouches and knowing what is inside and how fresh it is?! I can not express just how easy it is with the Squeeze Station. I absolutely love it and these faces don’t lie either! They are perfect for any age, really. My 3 year old loves them as much as my 1 year old. The pouches are the perfect size and serving your little loves.

DownloadedFile DownloadedFile


Infantino’s Website






Shop directly on the Website or search the Store Locator to find a store near you!

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