HomeSpa Aromatherapy Shower Spray Giveaway (US Only) Ends 11/1

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HomeSpa Aromatherapy Shower Sprays come in four different scents: Lavender, Eucalyptus, Tangerine, and Pink Grapefruit.

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HomeSpa is a 100% natural shower spray developed using the highest quality of ingredients to stimulate the aromatherapy treatments found in Spas around the world. Using a unique blend of natural, therapeutic, essential oils, HomeSpa was created to ease stress and clear one’s mind. Comes in a slender, attractive bottle that can be displayed in the shower or easily tucked inside a bathroom cabinet.


HomeSpa Shower Spray sent me all 4 of the spa time sprays they have available. These are Essential Oils but converted to a aromatherapy spray to enjoy while showering or bathing. I first used them in the shower and sprayed 3 sprays like the bottle says into the running water. I noticed the smell for only a brief moment . I was not too satisfied with them in the shower so the next time I used them in the bath. As a busy mom I hardly get to relax in the bath so I was really looking forward to them! I am so glad I gave them another chance in my bath because the scent and relaxation lasts so much longer in the bath water, and you can feel the essential oils on your skin. Can you say silky smooth!?
My favorite is the Tangerine and Pink Grapefruit ones. The tangerine smells like Pez Candy, Oh my goodness! It is dreamy!! The pink grapefruit is a close 2nd. Very calming and fruity. If I close my eyes and breathe in the goodness I can actually feel like I am at a spa for a brief moment…until I accidently knock one of the kids’ squeaky toys in the water with me.
I noticed how therapeutic the Eucalyptus spray smelt and I recently used it in a nice hot bath when I had a nasty cold I was fighting. The scent relaxed me and cleared me up all at the same time. I really enjoy this spray when I am feeling stuffy from allergies or when I am sick. This was a life saver for me a couple weeks ago.

Overall I recommend HomeSpa Shower Spray to all of my readers, but more so recommend them for the bath rather than the shower. Either way you get to smell the wonderful aromas, but the bath does last longer 🙂

BUY IT:  You can purchase the Sprays right on the Website!

WIN IT: HomeSpa is offering ONE of lucky readers the chance to WIN Home Spa Shower Sprays of your own. This Giveaway is open to the US Only and will remain open until 11/1 at 11:00pm CST. Please enter using the Giveaway Tools Entry Form Below:


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