2014 Holiday Gift Guide Submissions


2014 Holiday Gift Guide Guidelines

Interested in getting your product in front of thousands of blog readers and social media followers? Then I am your girl. From Downriver To Downright Country is currently compiling a 2014 Holiday Gift Guide to help shoppers purchase a gift for everyone on their list!

If you want your product included, please email FromDownriverToDownrightCountry @ outlook .com (remove spaces)! Please use the subject line “Holiday Gift Guide Submission” and include your company name, product, and any photos you want featured in your pitch!

This year’s gift guide has a minimum product value of $30 for inclusion. If you need to send multiple items to reach the value, that is usually fine with us!

If you are not interested in a product review, I offer website reviews featuring your products in my 2014 Christmas Gift Guide and it will cost you $30.00 via paypal.

Due to the number of inquiries typically received for a holiday gift guide, please allow 48 hours for an answer to your pitch.

This year, the product features (and optional giveaways) included in the guide will begin being published on From Downriver To Downright Country on November  6, 2014, and will continue until all features have been published! We are limiting the number of submissions we accept for maximum promotion for those included.

Our holiday gift guide will be promoted until January 9, 2015, to include exposure for any gift card recipients wondering what to purchase for themselves. The earlier your products are received, the more promotion they will receive!

Please note: Full size products are required for inclusion – samples will not be accepted. No products in the gift guide will be returned.

Holiday Gift Guide 2014 Submission Dates

Now – November 26, 2014  – Email your submissions for the 2014 Holiday Gift Guide to FromDownriverToDownrightCountry @ outlook .com! Use the subject line “Holiday Gift Guide Submission” please!

November 6th – December 5, 2014 – Products will be added to the Holiday Gift Guide, which will be promoted on my blog, social media, and blogging/mom communities.

December 5, 2014 – Deadline for receiving products to be included in the Holiday Gift Guide. Any received after this date will be featured within a month of receipt, but we cannot guarantee placement in our holiday gift guide.

Merry Christmas and I look forward to working with you!


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