Resistance Bands Set by Aurorae Fitness *Review*

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 I had the pleasure of working with Aurorae before for a review of one of their popular yoga mats and ever since then I have been practicing yoga every single day in one way or another. I knew Aurorae has great products that I trust and love so I decided I wanted to take my yoga practices to a new level and decided to try out the Resistance Bands Set by Aurorae Fitness which includes Padded Handles, Door Anchor, Ankle Strap, Guide Book, and a Carrying Case.


I really wanted to start building muscle tone, so that I could get stronger to do some yoga poses that i have trouble doing, but I also know my limits and have heard how great resistance bands could be compared to weights. I much prefer the bands than lifting weights. I seemed to always push to hard when it came to weight lifting and with the bands I feel like I have more control over what I am doing. With that said, the possibilities while using the resistance bands are endless. There is so many different exercises to do with each band as well which the guide book that is included in the set describes in detail how to do each exercise.


Both my husband and I enjoy using Aurorae’s band while training in different ways. We both appreciate that the handles are padded and are easy to comfortable to use. The door anchor has worked well in every door in our home while staying in place perfectly and does absolutely no damage to the doors which is fantastic because we can choose to workout wherever we are. The carrying case makes it easy to travel with the bands as well. My husband works crazy hours, but he can simply take the bands with him and get a workout in during his break no matter where he is at.


You can use the Aurorae Resistance band set for Yoga, Pilates, Cross fit, P90X and it comes with a full 2 Year Warranty. They are made with a highly durable latex which is built to withstand repetitive stress during workouts.

Combine multiple resistance bands by using the high-quality metal D-rings to provide varying levels of resistance for a customized workout.

Level of Resistance Bands:

• Yellow= 2-4 pounds

• Blue= 4-6 pounds

• Green= 10-12 pounds

• Black= 15-20 pounds

• Red= 25-30 pounds

My husband and I use our resistance bands daily and we recommend them to all of our fitness friends. I especially recommend to the people who don’t think they can fit a workout into their busy schedules. These bands make accomplishing your workout goals very much possible. You will be surprised how much you and your body will love these. You can order them on Amazon for the low price of $24.95 

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2 thoughts on “Resistance Bands Set by Aurorae Fitness *Review*

  1. I would love to have this set. I use the ribbons right now, but I am really considering getting these as a gift to myself for my upcoming birthday 😉

    • My wife also uses ribbons I know she would prefer these she has mentioned wanting one that can fit in the door jam I am showing her this set from aurorae to see what she thinks

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