SpeakStick Bluetooth Shower Speaker *Review*

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The SpeakStick Bluetooth speaker is my new favorite gadget. If you know me, you know I love music. I listen to music almost from the time I wake up to the time I go to bed. Normally when I take a shower I avoid listening to music while in the shower and then I will put in my headphones while I blow dry my hair. The only reason I avoid music during the shower is because I have put my phone in the bathroom with me before and it caused water damage just from being in the room filled with steam. And so I have not made that mistake again. Now thanks to the SpeakStick I can listen to music while in the shower.

I had a problem with the speak stick sticking to my shower wall. For some reason it will not stick to the tile, I am unaware why but luckily it sticks to just about everything else so I suction it to my mirror in the bathroom and it stays put until I have to peel it off. The speak stick is not only a speaker it is also hands-free Bluetooth microphone so you can answer calls on it also.

20150905_135235 20150905_134909

I found a great use for our speaker during our trip to the lake! My family and I love music by the water while we’re outside grilling and relaxing but we never like to have our phones out baking in the sun, or risk getting them wet, so the SpeakStick was perfect for our outing!! The range was great because I was able to keep my phone tucked away in my purse covered in towels while letting the music play and the volume was perfect for our family, it wasn’t too loud to disturb other lake visitors, but it wasn’t too low to where we couldn’t hear it.

It even started to rain while we were there and I didn’t have to worry about the speaker messing up or cutting our music off. It was fantastic. It suctioned to our cooler effortlessly and did not move or slip until we forced it off.


This little speaker is worth every cent! I love it and will bring it everywhere with us. It is great for so much more than just the shower!!

You can purchase your SpeakStick Here available in a variety of colors.

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10 thoughts on “SpeakStick Bluetooth Shower Speaker *Review*

  1. This speaker looks phenomenal. I would use it for by the pool. With all the splashing the kids do it would be nice to not worry about damaging any of our expensive devices. Thank you for sharing the great review.

  2. I definitely need one of these for my shower! I love listening to music while I’m in the shower and normally I have to use my phone. It’d be great having something to listen to that I don’t have to worry about getting messed up!

  3. This is really cool! I could definitely use this. It would be useful to have a portable speaker and you’re right so much better than just using the phone!

  4. This is so cool, I want one! I love that it is waterproof, I would definitely use it in the shower and outside in the summer by the pool!

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