Alisa Pan Sleeveless Short Fitted Floral Print Cocktail Dress *Review*

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Ever Pretty makes dressing fabulous effortless! For that I am always thankful to their very large selection of dresses. I realize more and more that when I wear any of these gorgeous dresses that my confidence is through the roof and that makes a woman very happy šŸ™‚

I have beenĀ partnering with Ever-Pretty for quite some time now and soĀ I already knew that I loved their gorgeous dresses and without worrying aboutĀ  trying it on first. I was viewing their new arrivals and a beautiful dress caught my eye immediately!

I picked out the beautiful Alisa Pan Sleeveless Short Fitted Floral Print Cocktail Dress. Let me just start by saying, I am a sucker for floral prints. I love roses and if I could pull off wearing floral print everything, I just may do that. Back to the beauty that is this dress, everything from the length to the neckline is stunning! I mentioned in my previous review of the Black Club Dress Dress that I am very short in height, so to find a dress that goes above my knee is very difficult for me. I adore that the Alisa Pan cocktail dress falls beautifully right above my knees. The neckline is not too revealing, but it has a gorgeous “v” like cut that adds to the beautiful design of the dress. All of my dresses from Ever Pretty have always been comfortable, but this one in particular is my favorite! The fit is nice and curve hugging, but not in a clingy uncomfortable way. The material is soft breathable. Just perfection! I can’t explain it any other way.



This dress is gorgeous and I believe I will wear it more than many of my other dresses. I feel like the Alisa Pan floral cocktail dress is both elegant for more fancy outings and it is also casual due to the length and design paired with a pair of black pumps. I love having that option with a dress.


I am so glad to have found yet another perfect dress match for myself and I am positive you can too.
You can search their selection of New Arrivals Here

If you are looking for a dress to wear to a special occasion or to add to your wardrobe because one just cannot ever own too many dresses I will always recommend Ever-Pretty. They have a very large selection to choose from and you are sure to find your dream dress. They also have great sales so always be sure to keep a lookout!

CONNECT with Ever-Pretty and browse their beautiful styles of dresses! You will not regret it!