Watch Ya Mouth! The Game For The Whole Crowd.


Watch ya mouth is the hilarious game you can play with the whole family. Buy it as a gift or buy it as entertainment for a holiday party/ get together, either way I promise it’ll be the talk of the night for night to come.
Watch Ya Mouth comes with child mouth pieces and adult size mouthpieces.

My kids had so much fun playing this game, and I didn’t even have to play to have fun. It was cracking me up just watching them play. Especially the challenges this game includes for example trying to blow a ping pong ball off of a table with a straw and your mouthpiece in talk about hard!
Game includes 142 cards, 10 colored mouthpieces, four straws, four noisemakers, two throwdown balls and a sand timer.


The game recommends ages 8 and up with 4 or more players, but my kids are under 8 years old and had a blast and no problems at all playing this game. I’d say it’s fun for all ages. My son is 4 and can not read well yet, but we quietly whispered in his ear the phrases he needed to say and he still had just as much fun as us.

Be the best gift giver this season and buy Watch Ya Mouth on Amazon and receive 15% off. Use Coupon Code: 15WYM 

Look at how good that looks under the tree 😉


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