PNW Baby Co. Romper and Booties *Review*


My baby girl got the opportunity to try out a beautiful handmade romper and booties from PNW Baby Co. on Etsy.

I’ll start out by saying that I absolutely love handmade items made by other mommy’s. That is why I LOVE and prefer to shop Etsy for our baby needs. When something is handmade by another parent you know it is made with love and the baby’s comfort in mind. With that said, this romper and baby booties were no exception.

The romper is a beautiful suede burgandy color. It is made with a black ribbon to tie behind babies neck. It is incredibly soft and baby G loved it. Seriously, what is more cute than a baby in a romper..I mean come on! Look at this cutie!

PNW Baby Co. Rompers are perfect for a photography session, and every day outtings in the spring and summer time. With the hot weather soon upon us, I know we’ll be getting some great uses (and pics) of G in this adorable light weight outfit.


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The Wild flower booties are my favorite! I love this playful but classy pattern. They are a total eye catcher!


Socks do not stay on my peanut too well, and cold feet are no fun. When I received these booties I put them on G right away and she’s worn them every day ever since. She loves them too, which is great. They keep her feet warm, but not too hot.

Just look at those happy feet. The booties are so comfortable that she never acts aggravated about them or tries to pull them off or anything. I love the wildflower pattern (as does G)  😊

Cleaning them has been easy as well. I wash them in the washing machine and leave them out to air-dry over night. That way the next day they’re ready for her again.
Everywhere we go we get compliments on them.

You’re probably like me and expecting the prices of these beautiful creations to be out of your price range, right? Well they most definitely are not. Lucky for us, the momma that owns PNW Baby Co. is a lot like us and she understands that handmade and adorable doesn’t always have to break the bank. She makes everything super affordable! Rompers are as low as $15 and booties for only $10!! I’d like to buy one pair in every pattern, please!!

As if this shop is not perfect enough, PNW Baby Co. also takes custom orders. If you see something you love, but it is not the size you’re needing all you have to do is message the shop owner and see if your size is a possibility. Shipping was fast, and communication with Desiree was efficient and simple. I personally have had such a great experience with this shop that I can not wait to place another no order. Which will be right when my baby girl outgrows her adorable romper and booties.

These are only just some of my other favorites in her shop. To view more visit PNW Baby co. on Etsy



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