Sunshine state of mind

Ladies Summer is finally here and what makes you feel better than a nice set of nails? The only thing is, I rarely find time to go sit at a salon for an hour or more. I have 3 kids, and I get looked at funny if I roll in a salon with my 3 kid crew. Haha!

But I’ve been hearing different vloggers brag about these Kiss acrylic glue on nails,  so of course once I saw they were under $7 I had to try them!

This post is not sponsored I just have to share with you when I find stuff that I love! Especially if it’s as easy as PRESS ON NAILS!


I found the ones I needed at Kroger.  They are the Acrylic nude RS (really short). I wanted to paint them a nice Summer color, so I needed the nude ones. They also have ones that have a French manicure look. I will buy the petite ones  next time because even the “Really Short” ones I have on are a little too long for my liking.  But these nails guys!!! It looks like I went to the salon!


Application was simple and everything you need is included.  Except the alcohol I used before I applied the nails to strip my nails of any oils.

I painted the nails before applying them to my fingers because I am the QUEEN of smudging fresh paint. I am not even kidding.  So I painted and let them sit for about an hour or so.

I used my beautiful  “Sunshine state of mind ” orange by Essie. Essie is my all time favorite polish!


I filed my nails a bit to rough them up some,  then wiped with an alcohol swab, applied glue to the nail and my nail and bam!

I did my nails last night and so far I have had to reglue one of them, but I did shower, wash bottles and give two out of 3 kids a bath. Lol.

My life is non stop, so I’ll take having to reglue one of my $7 nails anytime!  They are pretty and feel strong.  I will be applying these  for special occasions and whenever I want to feel pretty from now on.  I’m so happy I found out about these!


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