Parents rejoice, it’s BACK TO SCHOOL time! TvStoreOnline is Fashionably ready! *GIVEAWAY*

Ahhh, Summer is fun, sleeping in is great, but alas, it is time to give these teachers back their kids!!!!

Hahaha… I’m kidding.

Like every mom, I love having my children home with me but 2 straight months of constant bickering and running around wildly, and ohmygosh do they every stop snacking?!?! It all wears on my mental health. I love schedules and order and so I am grateful for the regimen school brings.

My favorite is back to school shopping!!! Well, really, any kind of shopping is my favorite..but you know. Clothes, school supplies, everything they need for a happy school year brings me happiness.

Although I love to physically go shopping, sometimes you have to shop online to get the cool clothes that you know nobody else will have.

Well readers, as you have learned from previous posts and giveaways I have done, has the clothing from all of your favorite tv shows, movies and even video games!!

My kids each chose a hoodie they love and they can not wait to wear them this Fall!

My daughter is crazy about any sort of mythical creature, so her choice was as easy as it gets. Twilight Sparkle is the Pony she adores most. She normally wears a Childrens size 8, but we ordered this hoodie in a Womens size XS. We had to roll the sleeves, but it fits her pretty well.

My son is all about dressing up like his favorite Super hero. He chose the Captain America hoodie. This hoodie is awesome and so soft. The eye hole cutouts that mock a mask is what he loves most about this hoodie. I would say this hoodie runs true to size, he normally wears a 6 and so thats what we ordered. It fits great and since it’s hot outdoors, he currently wears it while running around our house.

You can shop Hoodies and Tees for your children by clicking the links I provided. is offering not one, but TWO of my lucky readers the chance to win a Hoodie and/or a Tee Shirt of your choice.

I will use my Giveaway Tools Entry form to choose the two (2) lucky people. One will get their choice of hoodie and one will get their choice of Tee. Fill out the Giveaway form and comment below if you’d like to win the Hoodie or T-Shirt.

This giveaway will remain open until Monday 8/19



3 thoughts on “Parents rejoice, it’s BACK TO SCHOOL time! TvStoreOnline is Fashionably ready! *GIVEAWAY*

  1. Those are so cute. Their site has so much to choose from. I think out of what I saw from their list of TV shows Stewie from Family Guy would be my favorite character.

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