Mask Giveaway!!

What a time to be alive, guys!

I hope all of my readers are staying healthy…and sane.

Not much has really changed for me and my schedule since my job is deemed “essential”… besides having all 3 kids home 24/7 😱 our days have been quite crazy and not so relaxing.

Let’s talk about this new part of our wardrobe we have added to our daily attire,  shall we?

Masks! Ahh, It’s a love, hate relationship for me because wearing something on your face for 8 hours a day (or longer) is not comfortable in the least!!
That was until I heard from the great company
They’re the sister company of the wonder &
I already know I have loved all the products I have ever received from them, so I was pretty excited about these masks for my husband and I! donates 1 mask for every 1 mask purchased.  We all want to be able to help during these times and this is one great way to help essential workers out. You can learn more about giving back here
The masks have dual-layer protection. The Standard Mask is made from lightweight cotton or a cotton poly blend. Each mask features straps that provide a secure fit for all face types, and all are washable.
The masks come with a handy little piece you connect to the ear straps and you can adjust them to fit just right.
This is one of the most comfortable masks I have worn. I love that this is soft and stretchy,  and most importantly breathable.
I also love that MaskMarket masks have changeable filters. I read that the filters are supposed to be changed after about 50 hours of wear. So I will change it after a full work week and it works out perfectly.
Each mask comes with a filter,  but you can buy a pack of 3 extra filters for $3.96.
You have the option to create and personalize your own mask, which is pretty awesome, since you know, style and all 💁‍♀️ or you can choose from one of these great designs already made like I did here and it will ship out in 24hours. I received my masks after 3 days!!

Best news ever… is offering ONE of you a mask for free!!!!

Enter by leaving a comment on this post and I will draw a random winner in a few days!!!



Lets stay protected and stay looking good 😉

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