Fun Chalk-Chalk Pen Review (2015 Mother’s Day Gift Guide)

chalk pens

• PREMIUM INK – Chalk markers from Fun Chalk feature a 6 mm Unique Reversible Tip that allows users to create both Thick and Thin Lines in 8 Fluorescent Colors that WILL NOT Drip, Smudge, or Fade
• EASY CLEAN-UP – Just wet cloth, wipe and erase – cleanup is that quick and easy with these premium Chalk Pens!
• ECO-FRIENDLY – Fun Chalk’s Chalk Markers are environmentally friendly and conform to all the requirements set forth by the American Society for Testing and Materials and the European Standard for Toy Safety Testing!
• SAFE – These chalk pens are non-toxic, xylene-free, odor-free and dust-free, which makes them a prime choice for those who suffer from allergies or asthma!
• HIGH QUALITY – Long-lasting, quick-drying ink is great for use on non-porous blackboards, mirrors, windows and plastic. Ideal for brainstorming, promotional activities, restaurant advertising, school projects and more! Order now to get your 8 piece set. Your purchase will be backed by a money-back guarantee


My kids are loving these chalk markers. The colors are so bright and cheery! We will be decorating our windows, mirrors and dry erase boards often with our “custom art work”. They are also very easy to clean up with only a rag/paper towel no use of chemicals needed.They did take a few vertical pumps to get the liquid into the tip, but after some pressing, shaking and a little verbal frustration I got my husband to try and he of course got them all to work. All of the fun we have with these make up for the tiny malfunction I experienced in the beginning.

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Purchase your Chalk Pens Here on Amazon


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