Absorbing Hurricane socks Review (2015 Mother’s Day Gift Guide)

Absorbing Hurricane socks:

• Prevent Devastating Water Damage: from driving rain storms, hurricanes, melting snow, leaky basements
• Versatile: for use along windows, doorways, basement walls and garage drywall/cabinets
• Reusable: simply place in spin cycle of washing machine and then in dryer on low or regular heat
• Safe: No chemical content. No residue or white fluff. Not slimy when wet. 100% poly filler
• Ideal for Emergency Leaks: from water heaters, washing machines, dishwashers, toilets and sinks


These absorbing socks are going to make my life so much easier when times come that I need them. They are made of great quality and the dark color disguises the mess that it soaks up, unlike other absorbent socks I have saw before. The different sizes are SO convenient for anywhere I need them. I lay the long one in front of the door since sometimes during a big rain storm we have a little flooding. The smaller sized ones are perfect for messes my kids tend to make! I know these will last a long time and come in handy time and time again. I am very glad to have this set.

Purchase your Absorbing Hurricane Socks Here on Amazon


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