Sun Tail Mermaid Tails. The Perfect Gift this Christmas!

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When I grow up I want to be a mermaid! That is the response I get when I ask my daughter and her friends what they want to be when they get older.  I mean I can’t  really blame them..I am in my late twenties and I still want to be a mermaid when I grow up!

Well, now you can help make your little fish lovers dream come true by purchasing them a “real” Mermaid Tail!!!  Sun Tail offers high quality monofin sets for swimming that are unlike any other. They even have SHARK FINS for the cool dudes!

My little Siren chose the Seven Seas mermaid tail because she obsessed with anything rainbow!

The texture and look of this tail is amazing. She can not wait until Summer time so that she can really test it out. For now she’s happy just being a pretty little beached Mermaid. She even likes walking around the house in the tail. When you have the monofin off the tail is open at the bottom. I also like this opened feature for safety reasons. If there was a need to remove the monofin in a hurry we are able to do so quickly.

Teen and adult sized monofins are available as well! There are so many styles and colors to choose from. Go look while there still is time for arrival before Christmas!

Better yet, Receive a 10% discount on your order at when you use code: BestGiftEver


Make a little ones dream come true this Christmas! My daughter is so thrilled to swim with this in the summer.


Who is ready for CHRISTMAS?!!

WE ARE, WE ARE!!!!!!!

Thanks to Package from Santa! The kids received the sweetest surprise in the mail… their OFFICIAL certificate that they have made the NICE LIST. Along with their certificate they also received a high quality 8×10 picture of Santa, and a adorable picture of Baby Rudolph in Santa’s hand. As if all that is not enough excitement alone, my little ones received a very personalized letter from the big guy as well.


Package From Santa also offers personalized phone calls and videos for your children.

You download the free Santa Call app on your mobile device and schedule your phone call. I scheduled our call later this week, so we have not yet experienced that. I know the kids are just going to gleam with joy the whole phone call though.

The excitement when they opened their  package was pure Christmas magic. As parents/grandparents, you know that explainable feeling of watching your child’s eyes just glow with the magic of Christmas.

The best part is that the packages are all affordable! The basic Gold Package starts at $14.95, includes your letter, and free bonus personalized phone call and video.

The Package I mentioned in my review is the Silver Package.  This one is only $24.95 and you receive the awesome pictures I mentioned.

It is not too late to order! Your package ships within 24 hours and they have Priority shipping so you have the option to receive your package in 2-3 business days.

Order this holiday must-have for your child at and save 25% OFF your order when you use FAMS17 at checkout.


Package from Santa


Start a new and memorable tradition this Christmas with, the ONLY Santa memory service that does it ALL! Personalized LETTERS, PACKAGES, CALLS and VIDEOS from SANTA!

Do you want to see your children’s face light up in amazement when they get a personalized letter from Santa Claus? Of course you do! This not just a letter from Santa. It’s an amazing experience – it’s joy, memories, wonder and happiness in a box! You can choose a specific letter theme and then customize it yourself to include details that only Santa would know!


Every package also comes with a FREE personalized CALL and VIDEO FROM SANTA that can be scheduled any time. This techy part of the was unreal! So surprisingly well done and high-end and my kids LOVED it!

It’s such a joy to see my children continue to BELIEVE and really helped make the magic happen in my household this year! So grateful!

PFS has an A+ Rating with the BBB due to their unmatched high-touch customer service so you can be confident that you are making a wise purchase. They have real people on the phone ready to help answer questions. That’s unheard of these days! Such a nice touch.

Click here to see a video to learn more about this very special Santa memory service that will be a part of my family for years to come! !

The Silver Package ($24.95) comes in a red box & includes:

Personalized Letter from Santa
BONUS! Personalized Video from Santa (retail $9.99)
BONUS! Personalized Phone Call from Santa to a cell phone OR land line! (retail $9.99)
Personalized Nice List Certificate
Autographed Santa Claus Photo
Autographed Rudolph Photo
Genuine North Pole Stamp
…and so much more!

It also comes with a 60-Day Money-Back Guarantee. Wow! They are THAT confident your child will LOVE it!

There are 3 different packages offered, so you can choose a price point that works with your budget. I will be reviewing the Silver package ($29.95).

Order this holiday must-have for your child at and save 25% OFF your order when you use FAMS17 at checkout.


Smoker Box by Cave Tools


The smoker box is super easy to use. Put your choice of wood chips inside, close it and then stick it inside your grill.

I was able to find a delicious mesquite BBQ flavor of smoking chips easily on Amazon.  They are perfect for grilling up some ribs, chicken, or just about any kind of meat. You get the same flavor smoking something all day would taste like in just a matter of minutes.
The smoker box is little and I’m almost positive that it could be used with any Grill. It is easy to maneuver/use, which makes it easy to take it anywhere with you.

The box is a beautiful, clean, stainless steel. Cleaning it is a breeze as well.


If you are thinking of purchasing this smoker box by Cave Tools I highly recommend you do.
To help you make up your mind even quicker, how about 15% off just for you? Use code: SMOKERBOX15

Don’t miss out. This would be a great gift for a grill lover in your life.
You can purchase two different ways.
On Amazon OR On

Watch Ya Mouth Throwdown Edition #HolidayGiftGuide

Watch Ya’ Mouth Throwdown Edition is the evolution of the original, wildly popular, hilarious Watch Ya’ Mouth game. Rather than just speak phrases, players now go head-to-head with hilarious and challenging tasks – while wearing mouthpieces. Throwdown Edition takes competition – and laughter – to the next level and builds on the multigenerational gaming phenomena.


Throwdown Edition has already been Awarded Top Holiday Toy of 2017 by Toy Insider & selected for the 2017 Amazon Holiday Toy List.


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Sun Tail Mermaid’s monofins *Holiday Gift Guide*


Make your little girls dream come true! Sun Tail Mermaid has created the world’s best swimmable mermaid tails and mermaid flippers. Their mermaid tails are soft, comfortable, and come in a wide variety of designs and colors. They are made of high quality swimsuit fabric with 4-way stretch.

Sun Tail Mermaid’s monofins are extremely comfortable and virtually unbreakable. Their patented monofin is several steps ahead of everyone else in engineering, durability, comfort, and functionality. The propulsion and control is exceptional. The monofins come in a wide range of beautiful colors, so you can match your mermaid tails or look amazing wearing it alone.

10% discount – Receive a 10% discount on your order at Sun Tail Mermaid by using coupon code: BestGiftEver
Print this offer  here

Watch the the tail in action on YouTube!


Shuckles Corn Maze at Fiddle Dee Farms


Shuckles Corn Maze at Fiddle Dee Farms!!!!!

Plan your visit now. They are open Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays until November 4th!

Shuckle’s Corn Maze at Fiddle Dee Farms, a 30 minute drive from Nashville and a short drive from just about anywhere in middle Tennessee and southern Kentucky!
Get directions to Shuckles HERE

Fiddle Dee Farms is my favorite Fall time tradition. The whole family has a blast each time we visit.

There is so much to do at Fiddle Dee Farms, so make sure you plan to stay the whole day.

The corn maze is our favorite! This was our first year we actually made it all the way through 😀

After our journey through the maze it was time to play. The games are unbelievably creative and all man made. Pure fun! To name a few, there was Human Foosball, water pumps and rubber ducky racing,  pumpkin bowling, pumpkin skeeball and so much more!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The kiddos favorite is always the Play Fort and Super Slide!



The petting farm is a load of fun. With your Shuckles bucks you can get food to feed the animals. They have goats, sheep, pigs, and chickens.

The day we went was rainy, so we did not get to do the Hay Ride unfortunately.  But, we did get to go inside and get faces painted and eat some delicious fried food under the pavilion.

Fried Pickles and Fried PB&J 😛


Lastly, we went pumpkin shopping. Shuckles has a great selection of pumpkins! Even a few uniquely odd ones. My favorite 🙂

BBQ Spatula with Bottle Opener *Cave Tools Review*

Disclosure: From Downriver To Downright Country receives products in order to conduct a review, no monetary compensation was provided unless noted otherwise. All opinions are 100% my own. In case of a giveaway the sponsor is responsible for the delivery of prize(s), unless noted otherwise.

Cave tools was kind enough to send me a Stainless Steel BBQ Spatula in return for my honest review.


My husband is the barbecuer. I do not even know how to grill if I am being completely honest with you but I knew that this spatula from Cave Tools was going to be something special. My feeling was confirmed when I asked my husband if he would be interested in it and he said yes before I even got the question out. It’s crazy how grilling tools can be so exciting for a man. I was pregnant this whole summer so my husband got to do a whole lot of grilling because this mama was pretty exhausted daily.

When I had our precious baby girl the hubby took on even more dinners and got a whole lot of use out of his new stainless steel BBQ spatula. On beautiful summer days I got to relax by the pool with our babies while the hubs got his grill on.


His favorite thing was the bottle opener on the spatula itself. I don’t really think you can make a spatula more manlier then adding a bottle opener to it. Hahaha. My husband always cracks open a cold one when he goes outside to fire up the grill.


He also love sturdiness of the spatula. He said it holds very good in the hand and he loved the effortless Burger flips he got to do.

It even has a serrated blade to make any cuts in meat. He stated that he knows that this spatula is going to last him a very long time and he is very happy about that and I am very happy because it is dishwasher safe and easy to clean.

You can purchase your own Stainless Steel BBQ Spatula on the Cave Tools website HERE!! Or on Amazon here!

Plus you get a great deal! 15% Off if you use code SPATULA15 at checkout 🙂


Squishy Mat: The Dream Changing Mat *Review*

Disclosure: From Downriver To Downright Country receives products in order to conduct a review, no monetary compensation was provided unless noted otherwise. All opinions are 100% my own. In case of a giveaway the sponsor is responsible for the delivery of prize(s), unless noted otherwise.


What are Squishy Mats?

Squishy Mats are portable, easy to clean, and contain almost one inch of Memory Foam —  creating a soft spot for all your precious cargo. The surface of each mat is covered by a super soft, micro-flannel fabric and is backed with a nonslip rubber grid. Built in handle for ease of storage and travel.

BUT in my own personal opinion, a Squishy Mat is a baby’s best friend and a mamas ideal changing mat. I have now three babies and two out of the three absolutely dreaded the public restroom diaper change station. I can’t really blame them because I think I would freak out and cry hysterically if I was laid on a floating hard piece of plastic. But alas comes the squishy mat. It is portable and fits in the diaper bag without any effort or fuss. It is easy to unfold and just as easy to fold back up again and Velcro shut. Memory foam for babies is completely a dream. I mean, after spending nine months in a squishy comfy womb and then coming out into the real world, that’s hard enough. They don’t need to be laid on a hard floor or changing table for that matter and make an uncomfortable time like diaper changing even more uncomfortable. My sweet baby girl does not cry for any diaper changes anymore.


I actually get smiles when I lay her down on the squishy mat. When I first received the mat (as you can see in the pictures below) my sweet girl actually napped on the mat I laid her down and she fell right asleep instantly.


You can purchase your own Squishy Mat HERE

You may visit them on any of their social platforms as well.

Facebook  Instagram  Twitter

Kidorable Rainboots *Review and Giveaway* US Only-Ends 7/23

Disclosure: From Downriver To Downright Country receives products in order to conduct a review, no monetary compensation was provided unless noted otherwise. All opinions are 100% my own. In case of a giveaway the sponsor is responsible for the delivery of prize(s), unless noted otherwise.

Alright, F.D.T.D.C. readers, ready for ANOTHER awesome review AND GIVEAWAY??

Of course I am already a subscriber to Kidorable emails, and so when I see a new email from them a wave of excitement always rushes over me. I can’t help it! I LOVE new Kidorable news!

I am usually expecting to see new products or a new character/design that is available. But this time I learned that Kidorable now has a BLOG with very interesting posts and even Parenting Forums you can sign up to participate in.

I wasn’t sure what to expect before I checked it out, but let me tell you, the second I started reading the blog, I was hooked! I really do enjoy reading blogs about parenting. They not only lend some great advice, but they are COMPLETELY relatable! From posts on how to deal with your children’s fears, to dealing with bullies. There is some great information for us parents to read up on no matter what age our babies are.

My personal favorite post is this one titled ” What Kind of Beautiful Day Is It? ” Mainly because it promotes positivity. I am a very optimistic person and my parenting reflects that as well. My husband and I tell our kids to wake up every day and tell themselves that “Today is going to be a great day.” Starting the day with a positive mind set is key.

No matter how positive we are though, kids are kids, and they will always have a fear we have to help them conquer together. A HUGE THANK YOU to Kidorable for making my sons fear of thunderstorms a fun fear to conquer.

A fear…Fun??? Huh??? Why yes! Anything is fun with the cutest pair of rain boots on 😉

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Kidorable has enough styles to please any child! My daughter is a crazy cat lady, so her choice was simple. She went with the Lucky Cat rain boot. My son loves anything rough and tough, so he chose the Shark rain boots which are Kidorables newest character addition.

My daughter had the same fear of storms that my son is going through. But it seemed like after I told my daughter about all the good rain does for us she seemed to be less frightened. My son on the other hand is not so convinced by my nature stories. SO, my next plan was to show him the fun that can be made during a rain storm.

Life Isn’t About Waiting For The Storm To Pass.. 

It’s Learning To Dance In The Rain.


So we played. Boy did we play! We played in the rain, and even when it was done. By the time we went inside we were soaked, but the puddles were almost all dried up.

Both of my kids had a BLAST and the BEST part was, once we got inside the first thing my son said to us was “I can’t wait until it storms again!!”  and since this day he has not woken up crying when hearing the rain or thunder in the middle of the night. He does ask every time to go jump in the puddles though 🙂

Kidorable products are not only extremely kid friendly and totally adorable, they are also parent friendly and easy to wash and keep clean. The kiddos had more rain in their boots than the sidewalk had on it. I was a little worried that their boots may get stinky from being so soaked inside. I was surprised to find how simple they were for me to hand wash. The inserts came out easily and I washed them and the boots with mild detergent and warm water and dried them in front of the fan. When they were all dried they looked and still smelt brand new!

I think you can tell how much we ADORE Kidorable products and we HIGHLY recommend them.

Kidorable would LOVE to have you as fan too, and so they are offering a lucky subscriber the chance to WIN an UMBRELLA of your choice.  There are so many great choices! Which would your little one choose? Let me know in the comments below!!

Enter the giveaway by using the giveaway tools entry form below please.