Bath Mat & Stop-A-Clog by Slip X Solutions *Review*

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Slip X Solutions provide innovative bathroom accessories – bath mats, safety treads, appliques, drain stoppers, and hair catchers – designed to save you time, reduce hassle, and keep your family comfortable and safe.
I received the Sea Of Circles Bath Mat and it is wonderful. I normally do not bother with bath mats because the ones I would purchase from Walmart and most other places usually got nasty very quickly. Not this one. I love that it has openings all throughout it so that water does not stay trapped underneath. I also enjoy the fun design. My kids love it and it is nice and long/wide so during bath time my daughter likes that she can move around without slipping because it covers most of our bathtub.


It is easily removable and easy to clean because it is machine washable. I don’t think being safe has ever been so decorative! There are so many other designs, styles to choose from.


I also received the Stop-A-Clog Drain Protector. If you have long hair, these are a must! Again, I quit purchasing these after my first time from the grocery store because I found it more inconvenient, but not this one. It is a lovely flower design with tiny suction cups that make sure it stay put. I love that it is silicone not plastic because it is flexible so removing hair from it and washing it is so simple because these are also machine washable. When you want to get rid of the old one and put a new one on they’re recyclable.  Now when my husband gets out of the shower I do not get the death stare because a clogged drain will no longer be my fault and I can prove it! 😉 haha.

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9 thoughts on “Bath Mat & Stop-A-Clog by Slip X Solutions *Review*

  1. I love that the bath mat is so open and is machine washable! Hair in the drain is a big concern here and the Stop-A-Clog looks like the perfect solution!

  2. As I get older, I find that a bath tub mat is really a necessity. I like that fact that this one is machine washable and attractive as well! And who in the world doesn’t need a stop-a-clog?

  3. These products look and sound amazing! I think being able to machine wash them would really make life a lot easier.

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