BBQ Grill Shield Review (2015 Mother’s Day Gift Guide)

BBQ Grill Mat:

• 50% Grill Mastery: These high quality grill mats are 150% thicker than many low-priced alternatives, and you’ll instantly see the difference in your ability to serve up a REAL TASTY grill every time you use them.
• Camping Friendly: Use your BBQ Grill Mats to be the best fed campers on site, you can even use the mats for cooking foods not generally grilled like eggs, pancakes, bacon, pop tarts, etc!
• Rapid Clean & Easy Care: The FDA Approved, non-stick 100% PFOA Free materials mean that these babies are cleaned in seconds with warm soapy water and then easily rolled up and stored safely out of the way. Also 100% dishwasher safe.
• Safe To Use: These BBQ Grill Mats are FDA approved, burn proof, fire resistant up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit, and completely free from harmful chemicals which means the mats will never retain odors or tastes from previous BBQs.
• Healthy Eating: Use your BBQ Grill Mats to eat healthily in style! Veg won’t fall though the cracks, meat won’t spit and flare up, Fish won’t stick and fall apart, and you’ll never have to worry about unhygienic public grills again.


The mats work with all types of grills.. charcoal, electric or iron. You will want to use these mats EVERY time you grill. These high quality, FDA approved grilling mats are made with 100% PFOA free materials and are dishwasher safe. Cleaning is such a breeze. My husband loves to grill, but so do I, the only thing that stops me is that I despise cleaning the grill! Now I don’t have to! Since receiving these I have put our grill to more work than ever. I don’t have to worry about wasting foil, food falling through the cracks of the grill, no more food sticking, or making a mess and once I take them in to wash them they roll right up for easy storage. These mats are a dream! Love them!! I also enjoy using them on my George Foreman!

Purchase your Grill Mat Here on Amazon


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