Bobu Cuisine Ice Molds and Peeler Set *Review*

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“At bobuCuisine we pride ourselves in providing premium kitchenware products with stylish design. Our mission is to give you the tools necessary to create great meals, while bringing a touch of class to your kitchen. Simply said, we want you to have fun while your cooking, and make your kitchen look great! “

The stainless steel peeler set from Bobu Cuisine is said to be the last peeler set you will ever need.. Do I believe it?? YES!

Peeling can be such a hassle if you are not using the right tools with sharp enough blades to get the job done. You will save a huge amount of time with these powerful stainless steel blades.  They are designed specifically for people with joint pain and/or arthritis. They are built to peel with the littlest of movement possible and will make your peeling tasks quick and easy, no matter what the size of fruit or vegetable.  No matter how large the potato is, this powerful peeler set is built to make repetitive strokes smooth and painless. Whether you are right or left-handed, all of your fruits and vegetables will be peeled quickly with skins removed efficiently.


I love these peelers. I would normally shy away from peeling anything. I sometimes would even ask my husband to peel the potatoes or an apple for our daughter but not anymore. These peelers work cleanly and efficiently making my job as easy as possible.  They are attractively designed and work very well.  Peeling a batch of potatoes for mashed potatoes is no longer a major event.
Check out these peelers on Amazon for $15.97

BoBu Ice Molds KEEPS DRINKS COLDER, LONGER – Ice rounds melt slower than regular ice cubes due to their spherical design -your individual drink or pitchers keeps their chill while preserving their flavor. Great for lemonade and ice tea pitchers. Always have some ready to go, stockpile a bunch and store them in your freezer, perfect for guests.


My whole family and I love the ice spheres. These are by far the largest Ice cubes I have seen so far.  They really do keep our drinks colder much longer than normal ice cubes.  They are perfect for the iced coffee I brew with my Keurig – even after pouring very hot coffee onto the ice sphere it doesn’t even come close to melting them.  These spheres are made from BPA Free non stick silicone.  They are very easy to use and remove the ice.  Afterwards you can hand wash or put in the dishwasher.


Check out these Ice Molds on Amazon for $5.99

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22 thoughts on “Bobu Cuisine Ice Molds and Peeler Set *Review*

  1. Such neat products. I’d love to have something that would last forever. Some things are just made so cheaply any more.

  2. Cool! I would love to get the peeler for my mom since she has rheumatoid arthritis. I think this could really help her! Thank you SO much! kristiedonelson(at)gmail(dot)com Thank you.

  3. I have a peeler like that that I got at a county fair and it works very well. Don’t like ice in my drinks.

    slehan at juno dot com

  4. How creative (the ice molds) and I LOVE that the peeler set is stainless steel so it should hold up way better then my current one.

  5. I may need to follow through and get those ice molds. I try to keep my drink cold while outside and it just doesn’t work.

  6. I would love to own these peeler. When we have big holiday events there are always a ton of things that need to get peeled and if I owned these I might get out of the kitchen sooner!

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  8. The ice molds are a novel idea! I love it. I wonder what we’ll end up seeing people use them for besides the intended use, perhaps they’ll carve some designs on the sphere or put outside for seriously frozen holidays!

  9. I usually have difficulty using a peeler because I’m left handed, but the peeler you reviewed looks like it would be easier to handle. Andt hose ice molds are adorable!

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