Bodi Towel by Bodi Hut Review (2015 Mother’s Day Gift Guide)

Bodi Towel by Body Hut

• NEW, ADVANCED MICROFIBER – Absorbs 7 to 9 times its weight. This Quick Dry Microfiber Travel Towel is perfect for sports, yoga, pilates, beach, boats, travel and more!
• QUICK DRY – You can wring out this unique Microfiber Travel Towel to 90% dry in just seconds!
• YOGA TOWEL – This Microfiber Travel Towel can even be used as a Hot Yoga Towel, Yoga Mat Towel Or Bikram Yoga Towel! Just take it with you to your favorite traditional Vinyasa or Hot Yoga Class. Great for preventing slipping on your Yoga mat during challenging Yoga poses.
• LARGE AND LUXURIOUS – This Microfiber Travel Towel measures 52″ x 32″ but folds up oh so small! It also feels wonderful on your body after a tough cardio workout or swim and is great for staying warm and getting dry fast!
• FREE CARRYING CASE – Order now by clicking the add to cart button and you will also receive a free breathable carrying case to put your towel in. With this case you can keep your Microfiber Travel Towel with you all the time, including in your car, your bag, at work, anywhere! It packs away so small that you’ll hardly notice it is there.


This towel has been a delight to have in the house. Both my daughter and I love it the most and prefer it to our usual Cotten towel we use. The Bodi Towel absorbs quickly and cuts your drying time in half. It’s perfect to dab your skin with after the shower or bath instead of wiping your skin down with the cotton towels like usual. The Bodi towel is also perfect for wrapping up your hair when you get out of the shower. I normally blow dry my hair and with this towel it doesn’t take long to dry at all anymore.

It’s a light, but durable towel. My daughter enjoys bringing it along to the beach with us which I don’t mind one bit because it’s very compact unlike our regular beach towels. The Bodi Towel also comes with its own carry bag. Perfect for traveling! We will be getting more of these towels so that we can each have our own. They offer different colors which I love as well so that way we can each have our own colors.

Purchase your Bodi Hut Bodi Towel Here on Amazon


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