Children’s Moccasins by Little Looker Shop Review

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“Owner/Designer of Little Looker Shop, Kali Turner, was born and raised in Tampa, FL. Throughout her

life she would find herself knee deep in some kind of craft, enjoying every aspect of art. Joining the Army

in 2010, she was quickly sent to Baumholder, Germany where she met best friend and husband, Joshua.

In 2012, they learned that she was pregnant with their first, Laila Elizabeth. Leaving the Army was the

easiest decision made to keep the family together, to give birth to their child

and follow her husband’s military career. Finding herself stir crazy she wanted to be able to give something

handmade to the world. “Creating Little Looker Shop is a dream come true, being able to bring quality and

affordable products to everyday families is what this shop is about.” -Kali Turner. So they now find their

family living in California until the military up and moves them again. “

When I seen these adorable Moccasins made by Little Looker Shop I knew I HAD TO get a pair for my kids. These are way too cute and stylish to pass up. My kids love wearing house shoes and so I knew that they would love these 100% Genuine Leather Moccasins and when it comes to my kids, comfort is key!


With the help of my little fashionista daughter we picked out Annabelle for her and Thomas for her little brother. It seems like no matter where you look you never see Moccasins and I personally love the way they look. The detail in these Moccasins from Little Looker Shop is completely beautiful! You can really tell how much Kali loves hand making Moccasins for kids. I am almost certain so much love and attention goes into each pair. Just look at them!!





The helpful tip Kali gave me was to get a size bigger than my children would normally wear because the Moccasins tend to run a little small. I did get a size up for both of them, and I am very glad I did because they fit them good.

They are easy to slip on and slip off, but they are totally kid proof which I love! They have an elastic band which makes them easy to put on, but harder for kids like my son to try to kick off or pull off by himself. Although I can’t fit into these shoes to see how comfy they are I imagine they are very comfortable because my children actually leave them on walk around in them for long periods of time.

I am in love with these shoes so much that I didn’t let my kids play outside too long in them because I didn’t want the Leather to get ruined, but they are intended for daily use, both indoor and out. They seem so delicate and soft though I just couldn’t believe that they were meant for outside too. But they ARE! We went shopping and I had both of the kids wearing their Moccasins and I couldn’t believe how many compliments they were getting. People LOVE Moccasins! I even had a woman write down Little Looker Shop‘s information because she loved them so much 🙂





Visit the website and browse through all the different Moccasins Here



6 thoughts on “Children’s Moccasins by Little Looker Shop Review

  1. I love how different these are and the colors are so pretty. I would love a pair myself they look so comfortable.

  2. I love these little moccasins. What a great idea and love that you can add a bow. They look comfortable as well as versatile.

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