Copper Fit, Unisex Compression Knee Sleeve (2015 Mothers Day Gift Guide)

Copper Fit, Unisex Compression Knee Sleeve

Eliminate Knee Soreness & Pain with G7-Solutions Copper Fit Knee Sleeve!

Knee pain negatively affecting your lifestyle? End it by using our high-quality copper knee sleeve.

Made from 88% Copper nylon and 12% Spandex

This knee brace provides your knee with the support you need to play sports, work or travel pain free. Here are more benefits of wearing our flexible, breathable and comfortable Knee Brace:

– Offers effective compression to your painful knees with a snug fit

– Great for speedy arthritis recovery

– Reduce knee pain symptoms and swelling

– Faster and easier recovery after your workout, as increase in oxygen helps remove lactic acid

– More effective warm up as your muscles get warmed faster due to increased blood flow


This knee sleeve has been a dream for my husband. Fortunately I do not have knee pain or trouble and so I reviewed this for my hub. Right when we received the sleeve he put it on instantly and got relief on the spot. He was so in awe of this sleeve he couldn’t believe that something so simple such as a compression sleeve gave him the relief that no pain killers or stretching ever could. He used to enjoy running very much until his knee started giving him trouble and after just wearing this compression sleeve for a couple days he actually said he wanted to try running once again. He was finally able to enjoy a pain free run thanks to  this fabulous product!

There you have it, this sleeve is a great price. Much cheaper than I have seen compression sleeves before, and it actually works like it says. To my husband this sleeve is priceless. He is very thankful and glad to have found something that provides him such great relief  and gives him some of his life back with being able to do things he enjoys, like running. He highly recommends this compression sleeve to anyone who may need it. He swears by it.

Purchase your Copper Fit Compression Knee Sleeve Here on Amazon


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