Cordskinz -Sleeves for Earbuds *Review*

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Cordskinz – Anti-Tangling, Protective & Fashionable Sleeves for Earbuds


My husband and I go through earbuds often because we just tend to throw them into places carelessly. For instance my husband stuffs them in his pocket and I in my purse. So when we pull them out they are usually completely tangled and sometimes they are so tangled we decide to ditch them and get a different pair. Well, thanks to Cordskinz, our newest pairs of earbuds may actually last longer than a few months!

We received two different sets to review. Transparent ice blue and sky blue. Cordskinz offers 11 different colors to choose from,so you can get everyone in the family a set and never get anyone’s earbuds confused as your own. Or you can buy a few different colors for yourself because the price is very reasonable and feel like you have new headphones every week or so. These Cordskinz really give your earbuds a makeover!


Putting the Cordskinz on my headphones was literally a 2 minute process, it seriously could not have been any easier especially because the instructions come with super helpful details and pictures. I love the quality of the Cordskinz as they seem durable and they’re thick enough to really protect my cord but still lightweight enough that I don’t notice they are there. I also love the flexibility of these skinz– my daughter likes to use my iPad and when she’s done she’ll wrap my headphones around the tablet and the Cordskinz are flexible enough for her to do so.

Its so nice to know that I can just stuff them into my purse and hub can shove them in his pocket whenever we want without worrying about them getting all tangled up! We were so amazed with them we actually tried to tangle them and could not anymore!


SHOP: Buy Cordskinz now on their Website

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