Dyed Pasta Jewelry

Dyed Pasta Jewelry for Kids



  1.  Place uncooked pasta into a ziplock baggie
  2.  Put a few squirts of hand sanitizer (with alcohol) into the bag
  3.  Put a few drops of food coloring into the bag
  4.  Zip up bag and shake until colouring has mixed. (only a few seconds)
  5.  Empty bag onto paper towel or newspaper and dry in the sun (or on heater or just on table)

Side Note . It is best to put sanitizer  in first, before food dye, or the color does not distribute evenly.


You can dye any pasta but for making jewelry you will need pasta with holes.

Voila! Look how pretty Leilani Looks! 🙂 DownloadedFile

Have you ever dyed pasta for fun jewelry? 


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