Elf on the Shelf

This year is our first year we have with one of Santa’s Scout Elves! Many of you know the elves as The Elf on the Shelf!

My daughter named our elf Sprinkles! He arrived on Thanksgiving Day and has been doing some cute stuff around the house since then.

I will post all of Sprinkles mischievous and cute acts on here šŸ™‚


Day1: Sprinkles made his grand arrival in the Christmas tree

Day2: Sprinkles wanted to show his creativity spelling out his name in what else, SPRINKLES!

Day3: Sprinkles decided to do some fishin’

Day4: Sprinkles indulged in some elf donuts.



Day5: Sprinkles wanted the kids to watch one of his favorite Christmas movies.

Day6: Sprinkles decided our pictures needed a little “touching up”.

Day7: Sprinkles brought some cute little elf pancakes to enjoy with his favorite drink.

Day8: Sprinkles was getting into the chocolates and got stuck.


Day9: Sprinkles brought some snow from the North Pole and decided to build a snowman. He also left my kids some snowballs in the freezer.

Day10:Sprinkles keeping up with the Elf gossip.

Day11:Sprinkles brought the kids a delicious, adorable treat.

Day12:Sprinkles decided to be one of the Rice Krispies Elves and change the name to Elf Krispies.


Day13:Sprinkles likes A LOT of marshmallows in his Hot Cocoa

Day14:Sprinkles fell head over heels for Rapunzel.

Day15:Sprinkles strung some popcorn garland on the tree.



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