Fun Activities To Do In The Rain While Wearing Kidorable Rain Wear. *Umbrella Giveaway* (US Only) Ends 06/22

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Rainy days are so frequent come Spring and Summer and every parent knows how kids who are forced to stay inside get after a while. Here in Tennessee we had a whole entire week with rainy day after rainy day! I know I was going nuts so I could only imagine how my little ones were feeling. Gloomy weather can ruin even the most cheerful of moods….unless you’re outside playing in the rain! As long as there is no thunder and lightning I say why stay inside?? Especially when you have quality rain gear from Kidorable ?!

I am going to name 5 simple things my Leilani LOVES to do in the rain:

1. Make a splash in puddles! What child doesn’t! Us parents normally discourage the jumping in puddles act but once in a while you just have to do it! Kidorable has the cutest rain boots your child would love.


2. Have a rainy “race” with her brother ( although he’s only 1 and can’t run) she finds it so amusing running through the rain drops and muddy grass.


3. We recently discovered how much fun bathtub crayons are outside in the rain. One good thing about raining the summertime is it’s already hot out and you want to cool off so my daughter put on a bathing suit we went outside colored with washable bathtub crayons and let her go nuts. SO MUCH FUN!


4. This next one sounds gross, and although I am a neat freak I have to convince myself that kids need to be kids..ok, ready? Making Mud pies! Leilani knows it makes me crazy so she feels like such a rebel and gets super messy! I give her some plastic cups and spoons and her imagination takes her away!


5. Dollar store dish soap and puddles. She makes bubbles in the puddles and cleans her shoes at the same time 😉


We received the Dora The Explorer Rain Coat to review. I wanted to get Leilani a size bigger than normal so she can fit into it longer because I knew how much she would adore it and even though it’s a tad big it still does fit her great. I love that she can wear this adorable coat as an everyday coat in the Spring and Fall. Leilani loves that it features one of her favorite characters and she thinks it’s so cool because of how shiny it is.

Leilani gets so hyped up every single time it rains now because she knows I can’t say no now that she has this awesome rain coat. She loves being stylish and she knows how cool and creative her coat is.



Kidorable has a large selection of styles for boys and girls. All of the styles are creative and encourage imagination. The brand has a strong belief in the power of imagination and getting kids to entertain themselves without TV’s and Video Games. Kidorable creates functional kids’ accessories into objects that excite their imaginations and enrich their lives at play.

You can see the creative detail on every inch of Kidorable’s products. Leilani and I both fell in love with the whole line. When my son gets a little bit bigger I will definitely be getting him stuff too! Now all coats ship with a free Kidorable hanger which is awesome and cute to hang up a wet rain coat 🙂

DownloadedFile DownloadedFile_4

“From rainwear to backpacks to knitwear and towels, Kidorable speaks to the precious spirit of childhood.”






Kidorable is offering ONE of my lucky US readers the chance to WIN an Umbrella of your choice (There are many more to choose from than pictured below) . This giveaway will remain open until June 22 at 11:00 central. Please enter using the Giveaway Tools form below.

umb_ballet_090313 umb_fire_031714 umb_bfly umb_dino_090313


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