Get adorable Sun Hats for the whole family at Coolibar *Review*

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“Coolibar brings Australian advances in sun protective clothing to America.

The name Coolibar comes from a eucalyptus tree found in the harsh Australian outback. Our company, like the Coolibar tree, provides welcome relief and protection from the sun’s damaging ultraviolet rays.

Our sun hats, UPF clothing and sun protection swimwear were the first garments recommended by The Skin Cancer Foundation.

While sun protective clothing is a new concept in America, it has been used in Australia for over a decade where it is now more popular than sunscreen. Our Sun Hats, SPF protective clothing and UV protective swimwear are designed to cover a maximum amount of skin, use highly protective fabrics, and yet still be cool, comfortable and fashionable.

Summer clothing doesn’t provide much sun protection.

Often, too much skin remains exposed. Summer weight fabrics actually let through an astonishing amount of the sun’s damaging ultraviolet rays – they usually protect less well than an SPF 30 sunscreen. For maximum UV protection in the water, try our Rash Guards, or while on land, check out our UPF clothing.

Coolibar stands for the best in sun protection. It’s all we do. “


HATS, everyone loves them!  I was recently offered the chance to review a couple of sun hats from Coolibar. I wanted a hat that would be light and comfy, for both my daughter and I. I never have been one to sport a sun hat on either of my children or myself, but I thought what the heck. They look cute so I bet they’re worth it. If not for style than especially for the extra protection.

August is here and the temperature is still as high as can be, between the 80′s and the 90′s here. The most important thing you can do is to protect yourself and your children from the harmful rays while still being able to enjoy the last of summer’s beautiful weather! The best way to do this is with sunscreen and protective gear, like sun hats 😉

I’ll start off with the toddler hats.I received the Girl’s Surfs Up Bucket Hat in pretty pink for Leilani to try out. We all know how important it is to shield your baby’s little head and face from the sun. There are so many different types of hats out there but I recently discovered Coolibar sun hats and I have never seen any that cuter. You can tell Coolibar definitely knows a thing or two about hats. The children’s hats are soft, comfortable and perfect for teeny tiny heads. I love that they have a strap to adjust for comfort.



I like that she can wear it in the pool because it has superior chlorine resistance and the fast drying because the Cooliebar aqua SUNTECT® material is incredibly light weight . 


I chose the Shapeable Travel Sun Hat in black for me to try out. There were so many colors to choose from but seeing as my swim suits are either always black or white, I had to choose this one! I picked this one because it said that it was shapeable and it most certainly is. I was having fun with it and shaped it to resemble a cow girl hat and it sure did! I love that with both of the sun hats we received I can easily shove them into our beach bag and not worry about messing them up. That is a huge plus along with the moisture-wicking terry sweatband for comfort ! The quality of both of these hats is fantastic!


I give Coolibar Sun Hats 5 STARS hands down and recommend them to everyone as a summer essential!

SHOP: Coolibar offers much more than just sun hats. You can purchase UV swim wear, sunglasses and sun shades such as umbrellas and shelters right on the Website




10 thoughts on “Get adorable Sun Hats for the whole family at Coolibar *Review*

  1. I always wear a hat when I’m outside. I really like the hat you have on. I like that you can play with the shape.

    slehan at juno dot com

  2. I really like that the child’s version has an adjustable fit! My granddaughter has a teeny-tiny head (actually, she is teeny-tiny all over!), so this is PERFECT for her!

  3. It is nice to have sun resistant clothing. I love how the child’s hat resists chlorine and the other hat wicks away the sweat.

  4. Beautiful hats and VERY IMPORTANT TO STAY SAFE IN THE SUN! Sorry but my dad was diagnosed with melanoma about a month ago. Had one eye removed to find out it’s throughout his bones, lungs and body. We spent ALOT of time outside in Florida. At the beach and pools and just hangout out in the backyard. PLEASE parents slather your kids in that sunblock! While you are at it put some on yourself!! Start good habits about being safe in the sun while they are young! These hats are a great idea!!!!

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