Hoppy Floppy’s Happy Hunt Game by Educational Insights *Review*

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Searching for Easter basket gifts for preschoolers? Check out Educational Insights‘ Hoppy Floppy’s Happy Hunt game. Made in a convenient size, the item would fit perfectly in most Easter baskets. I played the game with my 4 year old daughter and I loved what an educational learning experience  it was for her. With a sweet animal character,  such as Hoppy Floppy the game is very appealing to children. The fun character made my daughter want to play the game, which I found to have a lot of educational value. The game provided many benefits and it was very enjoyable.

 DownloadedFile DownloadedFile

This would be an adorable Easter basket stuffer and is available now Here


The game is very simple to set up after reading the instructions. You can play with up to 4 players. Using the bottom of the container you pour the carrots inside spreading them out. After spinning the board, if the arrow points to a color, the player uses the rabbit squeezer to pick up a carrot of the same color.

DownloadedFile DownloadedFile

My daughter grasped the concept of how to use the bunny when grabbing the carrots right away. The goal is for each player to fill one basket with each of the different color carrots.  I liked that the game encouraged children to work on their color recognition skills. Another great thing about the game was that it encouraged social skills. For my daughter,  learning to wait for her turn was a good lesson.


For Easter baskets, I prefer to give gifts that are meaningful and educational. To me, this gift is exactly what I would look for in an Easter gift. This game is both educational and entertaining. My daughter asks to play frequently and  we will continue to play the game as a family even when Easter season has ended.

SHOP Educational Insights and let learning be fun for your children this Easter.


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