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Product Reviews!

Disclosure: From Downriver To Downright Country receives products in order to conduct a review, no monetary compensation was provided unless noted otherwise. All opinions are 100% my own. In case of a giveaway the sponsor is responsible for the delivery of prize(s), unless noted otherwise.

Johnson’s Baby Oil Gel:

This Baby Oil Gel is truly great for both mom & baby! I always moisturize both myself and my babies after each bath/shower. I think moisturizing is very important for skin health. I have always been aware of Johnson’s Baby Oil but I never used it on either of my babies as an all over moisturizer mainly because I just never liked how oily it really is, well with the baby oil gel it goes on great right after the shower before you dry off, same with children. Johnson’s Baby Oil Gel locks in up to 10 times more moisture on wet skin than any lotion can on dry skin. Just like all Johnson’s baby products it is a clinically proven mild and gentle formula.

Since this gel is so gentle I found it very useful for removing my eye makeup also!

This gel kept both of my babies and I feeling (and smelling) great all day long.


Johnson’s Baby Oil:

I do not really like using baby oil too much on my children as I find it more of mess and hassle, unless it is the Baby Oil Gel. I like Johnson’s Baby Oil more for myself. I think it does wonders for stubborn dry skin better than any of my usual lotions do.

I do however  think Johnson’s Baby Oil is wonderful for cradle cap! I used this oil on both of my baby’s cradle cap when they were newborns just as my mom did to me while I was a baby. It works fantastic.

Johnson’s Baby Head-To-Toe Washcloths AND Johnson’s Baby Bedtime Washcloths:



I absolutely LOVED these new washcloths! I am so happy I got the chance to review these because I will admit even being a J&J mom and always buying J&J EVERYTHING for my babies I don’t think I would have thought to buy these washcloths but they are so great to keep at home and in the diaper bag for on the go or trips to grandmas 🙂 They were designed for heavy clean-ups and portable convenience.

To use these washcloths all you do is moisten the extra soft cloth by rubbing it between your fingers then wash baby’s hair and body, gently rinse your baby with the washcloth, diluting the wash formula with more and more water. Finally just discard of the washcloth in trash after use! They are so simple to use and very convenient.

Johnson’s Baby Bedtime Washcloths are just as simple to use as the Head-To-Toe ones! One cloth is all you need and it is loaded with plenty of gentle wash formula to last the whole bath time. I used these on both my 5 month old and 2-year-old and the Bedtime formula really does help my babies sleep better and go to sleep quicker especially if used with Johnson’s Bedtime Baby Lotion (which is also one of my favorites).

You can check out all Johnson & Johnson’s Brand Baby Care Supplies at You can also purchase products online.


These next 3 Johnson & Johnson Red Cross Brand Hospital Grade products are first aid items that should be in everyones household. The fact that they are hospital grade and made by a brand I have always trusted I know that these are the best “just in case of an emergency” items I could always have around especially with a husband who is so accident prone at work and a dare devil 2 year old. Johnson & Johnson RED CROSS Brand Products can be found at most food, drug and mass merchandising Retailers.

You can check out all Johnson & Johnson’s Red Cross Brand Wound Care & First Aid Supplies at You can also purchase products online and they will tell you how on their website.


Johnson & Johnson RED CROSS Brand Hospital Grade Non-Stick Pads:

 These great Pads feature the HURT-FREE Design, so these Non-Stick Pads are clinically proven not to stick to wounds. They are ideal for minor cuts, scrapes, and burns because they are extra thick and highly absorbent. They are the only Non-Stick Pads to offer QUICK-LOC Technology with an anti-leak core that instantly absorbs fluids and pulls fluids away. This pack includes 10 Sterile Pads (2 in X 3 in, 3 in x 4 in)

 Johnson & Johnson Red Cross Brand Waterproof Pads:

 Johnson & Johnson RED CROSS Brand Waterproof Pads are 100% Waterproof and Germproof so they can keep larger cuts, scrapes, and surgical incisions dry. They even stay on through showering. These Waterproof Pads are ideal for covering minor surgical incisions. The four walls of adhesive help prevent dirt and germs from coming into contact with your skin while keeping the non-stick pad dry. This pack includes 6 Large Sterile Pads (2.9 in x 4 in).

Johnson & Johnson RED CROSS SECURE-FLEX Wrap:

This wrap will not limit your movement and it firmly secures wound dressings. That’s because it’s made with flexible, elastic fabric that is made to adhere to itself, and not to your skin. So it stays in place without slipping, even on joints. It can also be removed painlessly, even from hair. This lightweight and breathable wrap tears by hand and is water-resistant. 1 Roll is 2 in. x 2.5yds., 3 in. x 2.5 yds.

Band-Aid Brand Adhesive Bandages:

Last but not least I received 2 boxes Band-Aid Brand Adhesive Bandages one was called “Cynthia Rowley” Collector’s Series. These Band-Aids are my new favorite! I always loved Band-Aid Brand because they have always had great designs for kids, but who would have ever thought they would create Fashionista Band-Aids that a woman could actually love to use?!  I tend to need Band-Aids  more than I’d ever think whether it be from a little paper cut, an accident in the kitchen or a broken nail but I would never care to put on a Band-Aid because the neutral colored on are just unsightly in my opinion. These Cynthia Rowley Collectors Series designs are so pretty! They have pictures on them of sequins, runway models, lace, gold chains and diamonds. I actually do not mind wearing these when I need one now. There is 2 sizes included in this pack of 20. There are 10, 3/4 in x 3 in (1.9 cm x 7.6 cm) and 10, 5/8 in x 2 1/4 in (1.5 cm x 5.7 cm)

The other box I received is “Jake and the Never Land Pirates” These Band-Aids were my daughters favorite! I received them just in time for her doctor visit. She normally will only care to wear Band-Aids if they are a familiar character she knows from TV. Luckily Jake and the Never Land Pirates is one of her favorite shows. These Band-Aids include pictures of Jake, Izzy, Cubby and their parrot as well as Captain Hook and his other Pirates. My daughter loves these characters and she was actually asking me to put one on her. She even would fake “boo boo’s” just to try to get me to give her one. Haha 🙂 There is 2 sizes included in this pack of 20. There are 10, 3/4 in x 3 in (1.9 cm x 7.6 cm) and 10, 5/8 in x 2 1/4 in (1.5 cm x 5.7 cm)

You can check some of Johnson & Johnson’s Band-Aid Brand Adhesive Bandages Products at



One thought on “Johnson and Johnson’s Product Reviews

  1. Great review! I love J & J products, that’s all I’ve ever used on my babies! Even though I don’t have any babies anymore, I’m definitely going to buy the Baby Oil Gel..for myself! I never knew they had a gel! I used to use the regular oil on my skin or add it to my bath water but the gel sounds so much better. Thanks 🙂

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