LAICA 3000 Water Filtration System Giveaway (US Only) Ends 06/29

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  The LAICA 3000 series water filter jugs offer you value for money whilst still providing excellent features for the price range. They are elegant and come in white and other fashionable colors. It’s the first and only water filter collection that has matching beakers to color up your life.

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 We normally buy bottled water due to how convenient it is. That is until  I just found out about a product that is new to America – the LAICA Mineralbalance water filtration system and I liked the sound of it because it filters without stripping your water of essential minerals like Calcium and Magnesium. To me, that is awesome because I am always hearing how good it is for us all to drink water from the tap. I didn’t know that using a water filtration system could be easier and better for you than bottled water. The quick fill lid makes refilling easy and very quick so you can filter your water, pour it in your to-go cup and hit the road as easy as that! I am picky with taste and usually do not like the taste of tap water and prefer purified but you can honestly not tell a difference in taste. Once filtered through the LAICA water filter the water taste crisp and clean just like bottled water but with the good minerals you need! I have had trouble getting my children to drink plain water but once my daughter seen our new water filter jug she thought it was awesome because it is so colorful and wanted to drink a cup of water right away. She’s been drinking water everyday now whenever I do. It is great!   The pitcher fits well in my fridge door and is very light weight (even my 3 year old can handle picking it up).The jug allows easy water filling with the automatic Quick-fill lid so you don’t have to remove the lid to fill it up (it is like a little trapdoor on top of the water pitcher that the faucet pushes down when you fill). My husband and I have stopped drinking pop recently and have only been drinking water so I really like that the LAICA compliments our healthy lifestyle and does not strip away Calcium and Magnesium which are so important to your body and thats how it differs from all other water filtration system.


-The bi-flux™ filter preserves the beneficial and essential minerals, Calcium and Magnesium, naturally present in tap water as recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO) -Bi-flux™ technology maintains the right pH level in the water (6.5 to 9.5) -Each bi-flux™ filter maintains the mineral balance in your water for up to 40 gallons, which is equivalent to 300+ 16 oz. water bottles.  Each filter cartridge lasts about 2 months

Available in orange, yellow, green, fuchsia and lavender. Allows easy water filtering with the automatic quick fill lid. Uses food grade quality materials conforming to LAICA’s strict quality control. Jug is dishwasher safe, made in Italy and also has an electronic cartridge life indicator.

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Not only are we now finally getting the minerals we missed out on for so long but we are also producing less waste now that we don’t buy water in bottles anymore. That’s what I call a WIN/WIN!





One US reader will win a LAICA Stream 3000 Series pitcher and one year’s supply of Bi-flux™ Mineralbalance™ water filters. Please enter using the giveaway tools entry form below. This giveaway will remain open until 06/29 at 11:00 Central.


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