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Thanks to BSMMedia and Leapfrog, we were sent a LeapTV to test out. All opinions are ours and are honest.


Leapfrog has been one of my favorite learning resources for kids and so I am very excited to share this fun Christmas gift idea with you! I’m pretty positive it’s one of the hottest toys this Holiday season! We were sent a Leapfrog LeapTV  and 2 great games to enjoy with some friends! My daughter was so excited to plan out a LeapTV party! We filled out some invitations and passed them out to a few friends.

The LeapTV is a great new video game system that is designed specifically for children ages 3 to 8 years old.  The creators are absolutely genius because the system and games seem to truly keep children engaged as they incorporate math, reading, and more with the opportunity to be physically active and win prizes. My Daughter was too excited to wait so she tested the LeapTV out ahead of our party. She is only 3, but thanks to the audio instructions for kids who don’t yet read, even she can independently play and have a great time.
Leilani playing Dance n’ Freeze

Practicing before her party.


We went to the grocery store to get some stuff we needed for our snacks that were on the menu! After all that playing the kids sure were happy to snack. Although they were not done playing. The Fruit cabobs and Cranberry Lemonade helped refuel their little bodies to get playing again!

PhotoGrid_1416187945706 PhotoGrid_1416188035788

Party Time came and as soon as the kids came in they were ready to get this party started!


LeapFrog offers 9 LeapFrog educator-approved games and videos that provide ample opportunity for children to have fun while learning. (They anticipate that 100+ games will be available by the end of the year!)  The games cover a variety of important areas, including reading, math, science, and problem solving. LeapFrog focused on creating a system and games that engage children and motivate them to actively learn. The system is very simple to use and may be used individually or with friends.  The games adapt to each child so that they grow with your little one. For instance, they say that they automatically level to keep kids learning at the right level of challenge.  This seemed true as I noticed that my daughter and her friends that are years older seemed to adapt quickly to the games. Liam is 6 and Jess is 8 and they had just as much fun as my two little ones did.

There are a few ways to interact with the system. This system is designed with kids ages 3-8 in mind, and the system uses a motion-sensing camera and controller that fits small hands.


I am grateful because I love a versatile game. Most of the time my daughter has a lot of energy to jump up & down, twirl around, and run. Other times, she likes to sit on the couch and play, which I think is great because even if she is feeling tired out and less energetic, she knows she can play while lounging. At least she will still be engaging in educational play. Therefore I think the versatility of different ways to interact with the system is fantastic! No matter how they were playing, the kids never stopped giggling and having fun. They enjoyed all of the games, but the favorites seemed to be soccer on Leap Sports and Freestyle dancing on the Dance n’ Learn game.


We have been enjoying LeapFrog Sports! & LeapFrog Dance & Learn. The kids do not stop giggling and having a great time while playing this game. As a mom I have to mention also, that sometimes kids throw a little bit of fit when you tell them they spent too much time on a video game/tablet/etc. With LeapTV they actually tire themselves out and let you know when they’re done playing 🙂 Win!
This is Leilani & Liam playing Soccer on LeapTV Sports!

Jess is having a blast playing Soccer! This was her favorite!

Liam, Jess and Leilani Freestyle Dancing!

LeapTV is such an awesome gift idea for Christmas this year because it teaches core skills in the following subjects: reading, mathematics, science and problem solving. This system is designed to help kids learn while having fun and that is exactly what it does. It is 100% kid approved according to the kiddos at our party!

You can find LeapTV in several differing retailers, and of course online at Leapfrog.com. Be sure to like  LeapFrog, and MommyParties on Facebook! You can follow @LeapFrog on Twitter.


17 thoughts on “Leap Into Gaming- Leapfrog LeapTV #2014HolidayGiftGuide #MommyParties

  1. This looks like a lot of fun for the kids. It seems to me like a combo of Wii and Xbox Kinect with games that the little ones can actually play and have fun with!

  2. This looks awesome! My kiddos would love this! This is such a good idea for a family gift that they can all play together with!

  3. Having three grandchildren, I have always been very impressed with anything LEAPFROG! Looks like something else I want to purchase for my grandchildren!

  4. having 5 kiddos, I have always liked everything from leapfrog:) even though usually I cant afford anything they are always on my kiddos wish lists….

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