Master Lock’s home safety products GIVEAWAY (US/CAN) Ends 08/23

Disclosure: From Downriver To Downright Country receives products in order to conduct a review, no monetary compensation was provided unless noted otherwise. All opinions are 100% my own. In case of a giveaway the sponsor is responsible for the delivery of prize(s), unless noted otherwise.

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Master Lock is known around the world as the authentic, enduring name in padlocks and security products. Many people hear the name and instantly trust Master Lock’s  promise of strength and quality.  Master Lock is continually setting new standards for lock design, application and performance. As the largest global manufacturer and marketer of padlocks, they continue to build their founder’s passion for innovation, quality, and compelling value into their expanding lines of security solutions.

I was super lucky to get to review 3 awesome products from Master Lock. With the Master Lock Magnum Laminated Padlock,   Door Security Bar, and  Storage Security Lock Box  I feel much safer whether I am traveling or just trying to stay extra safe while in my own home. This is a brand that I have always trusted and I know I can count on them for my safety needs. Just to make sure you’re keeping safe read up on Master Lock’s tips for home security below.

Master Lock offers its top six tips for home security:


1. Make Your Backyard a Safe Place – Remember to put garden tools and lawn mowers away in a locked place after use. Un-stored tools could cause a fall or tempt young children to use them as toys. Secure your shed or garage door with a high-security, weather-resistant lock, such as the Master Lock Magnum Laminated Padlock. Not only does this deter kids from using tools as toys, it also guards lawn equipment from theft.


2. Sleep Safely with Windows Open – Sleeping with open windows provides a cool breeze for pleasant rest and helps many people sleep better. Even better, it lessens the chance of succumbing to carbon monoxide poisoning, a dangerous nighttime killer. Unfortunately, it also provides easy access to your home for intruders. Before enjoying this summertime routine, take proactive measurers to ensure you do so safely. If you use a home security system (only 14 percent of North Americans do*), ensure it provides window security coverage. Otherwise, use a window blocking device that prevents windows from opening more than six inches, and ensure windows cannot be accessed from outside. While you’re sleeping, ensure all doors are locked, and safeguard patio doors from intruders with Master Lock’s Door Security Bar.


3. Designate a Family Meeting Spot – More than half of North Americans (54 percent) have not designated a meeting spot in case of a house fire.* Set one with your family now so you’re prepared should a fire ever strike. It’s also good practice to designate a meeting spot whenever you’re away from home. Whether you are at a carnival, park or away on vacation, always come up with a plan of where to meet. This will give you peace of mind in case someone in your family is separated from the group.


4. Check Your Smoke Detectors – Properly installed and maintained smoke detectors save lives and protect against injury and loss due to fire.** Yet, only seven percent of North Americans test smoke detectors monthly* — the recommended frequency to ensure they’re always working correctly. Replace batteries yearly or as soon as you hear a low-battery warning sound that usually sounds like a chirping noise. Smoke alarms should be replaced completely every 10 years.


5. Create Backups- With busy summer schedules, it’s easy to forget your keys before leaving the house. To avoid being locked out of your house, make extra copies of your keys, and keep them in a secure spot. The Master Lock Storage Security Lock Box allows you to store your extra key and have it be accessible only by those who know the combination.


6. Prepare for the Unexpected – Technology today makes it easier than ever to ensure you’re never waiting in line at an urgent care clinic without your child’s insurance information or forgetting passwords to your online accounts. Store digital copies of your family’s important medical and identification information in the free and secure Master Lock Vault for easy access from your smart phone on the go.


Now that you read all those great, helpful tips, I’ll tell you more about the products I received. I’ll start with my favorite!

Master Lock’s Door Security Bar. This Dual function security bar can be used for hinged (how I have it pictured below) and the top piece removes for sliding/patio door application.  We use this bar every night. It’s touch steel construction just gives us that little extra sense of security.  With children, you can never be to safe. And we do not have to worry about the security bar messing up our door or floor because the padded foot provides sure grip without scratching.

DSCF2287       SlidingorPatioDoors


Next is the Master Lock Storage Security Lock Box. This lock box has come in handy tremendously. It is perfect if you’re traveling and you have someone coming to check on the house for you. You can easily store a key/s or other small items such as access cards, a credit card or a note inside. It is easy to set and reset. You can set your own combination using up to 12 letters, numbers, or both. The buttons are large enough to use even in dim lighting. The internal cavity is large and the removable key hook prevents jamming. It also has a molded bumper and vinyl coated shackle that prevents scratches to your door and it’s protective weather cover prevents freezing and jamming!

DSCF2281 DSCF2274 DSCF2276

Lastly, is the always reliable Master Lock Magnum Laminated Padlock. I think my husband collects these (haha). He can’t have enough. I can’t say I blame him because they are amazing. The Tough-Cut™ octagonal boron-carbide shackle is 50% harder than hardened steel. It is also weather resistant, pry resistant, scratch resistant, and it has a 4-pin cylinder for increased pick resistance! They are perfect for work sheds, tool boxes, lockers, and whatever else you can put a lock on. Like I said, we have used these padlocks for years and they have never failed us.


I know our items that we lock up with Master Lock products will always be safe and will keep my family safe. You can use them for anti-theft products or just use them to keep curious children out of the outdoor work shed, or tool closet so they do not get hurt. Either way you’re guaranteed safety. I for one appreciate that! I give a HUGE THANK YOU TO MASTER LOCK!

SHOP: Search HERE to find out where you can purchase Master Lock products in a store near you. Or shop online at

WIN IT: Master Lock wants to help you keep safe! ONE of my lucky readers is going to win ALL 3 of the Master Lock items I received! This giveaway is open to US/CAN Only and will remain open until 08/23 @11:00pm Central. Please enter using the Giveaway Tools Entry Form below.




21 thoughts on “Master Lock’s home safety products GIVEAWAY (US/CAN) Ends 08/23

  1. Storage security lockbox looks like a great product. It would be helpful for making sure that guests are able to get into your home if you are away or if someone is checking on it while you’re on vacation.

  2. I think the security bar is the safest. But I really like the lock box. My teenager is always forgetting his key and I worry about him waiting around in our apartment hallway, especially at night. Would be great, if I have to leave, to be able to leave the key for him.

  3. It’s so hard to choose which one is the best because they’re all the best for me. But I think I would choose the Master Lock Storage Security Lock Box 🙂
    Thank You for the great giveaway

  4. I think the Master Lock Magnum Laminated Padlock would get the most use. We’ve been intending to put a lock on our garage until we install a new door, so this would be perfect.

  5. My top pick would be the Master Lock Storage Security Lock Box. It would be nice to be able to leave a key out that wouldn’t get lost. I hate getting locked out of the house in this heat.

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