Monika’s Marketplace-Microwave Cover- Gardening Gloves- Sun Shade *Review* #HolidayGiftGuide

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This Vented Microwave Cover is a great gift for the person who has everything or even for yourself.

I never owned a microwave cover before this one because I never knew how absolutely necessary they are. I use this very often because you can have the ventilation holes opened or closed. It warms food a lot faster than without the cover. It wipes clean very easily and is dishwasher safe.

This is safe to use, due to the fact that it is BPA free and the handle on the cover does not get hot in the microwave, therefore it is safe to pick up also.

Here are some listed facts about cover:

  • Standard Size – Fits standard dinner plates – 10.5 diameter x 3.5 height
  • Easy to clean – Dishwasher safe
  • High Domed & Splatter Prevention – High enough to not touch your food and prevents splattering
  • Bpa Free – Lab tested and certified Bpa Free
  • Vented Steam Release – Ventend top to open to release steam and close to keep food warm

BUY NOW: From Monika’s Marketplace, HERE

Gardening Gloves for Women


These stylish gloves are great for the women on your list who love gardening.

I give these gloves a thumbs up because they are light and breathable unlike some gardening gloves. They have a protective coating to protect against thorns & wetness. They are made to fit most women’s hands, what I like is the elastic wrist. Even though these are slightly bigger on my hands they do not fall off due to the snug wrist. I used these for some outdoor cleaning and they prevented my hands from sweating, just as promised. The prints on these are so feminine and lovely.  I hand washed them and hung them to dry and they came clean fantastically.


Here are some listed facts about the gloves:

  • BREATHABLE NYLON – Breathable nylon eliminates sweaty hands during gardening.
  • NITRILE COATED – Palms of hands are coated with nitrile to protect from thorns, as well as wetness
  • EASY TO CLEAN – Easy to clean ladies gardending gloves, just soap and water, rinse and hang to dry.
  • ONE SIZE FITS MOST – True to size to fit average womens hands



BUY NOW: From Monika’s Marketplace, HERE


Baby Sun Shade 2-Pack


This product is a lifesaver gift for all parents! I guarantee if you gift this to a parent they will thank you for it later on. Over and over. Before I had these, I was so desperate to block the sun from my crying babies eyes that I had to place a shirt over the window (unsafe and crazy, I know). What kid doesn’t hate the sun in their eyes?! The suction cup/roll down shades never worked for us. These sun shades are a dream compared to others! They actually cling to the window just as they are supposed to and they provide great shade for the kids.

It is a plus that it is a 2 pack as well and these cover more window than most shades. I never have to hear the kids cry due to the sun anymore which is great! These shades are simple to apply, I wiped my window with a wet rag and they stuck immediately and stayed.

They provide a massive amount of shade with the dark tint they provide so I would stick to keeping them on the backseat windows and avoid placing on the rear window.

Here are some listed facts about the Sun Shades:

  • UV BLOCKER – Blocks 97% harmful UV rays, more than standard mesh baby car shade
  • EASY TO ATTACH & STORE – Simply wipe window with damp cloth, attach baby car shade to window. Clings to window by static electricty, the hotter the sun, the firmer it absorbes! Folds for easy storage.
  • REDUCES HEAT – Reduces the heat inside of the car, as well as on your baby.
  • NO ADDITIONAL PARTS – No additional suction cups that can get lost or fall off

BUY NOW: From Monika’s Marketplace, HERE


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