My Amazing Blow Dry Secret Review and Giveaway (US Only) 08/08

Disclosure: From Downriver To Downright Country receives products in order to conduct a review, no monetary compensation was provided unless noted otherwise. All opinions are 100% my own. In case of a giveaway the sponsor is responsible for the delivery of prize(s), unless noted otherwise.


My Amazing Blow Dry Secret is definitely not one of those secret I want to keep to myself I want to share it with everyone!

I received the Amazing Blow Dry Secret shampoo, conditioner and Shake ‘n Spray to review and the first thing I wondered was if it was too good to be true. I mean a lot of things claim to be one thing but then you find out they’re another. Well, My Amazing Blow Dry Secret is EXACTLY as it says, an amazing secret!!

I timed my hair drying experience and I was able to blow dry my hair under 5 minutes!! 4 minutes and 52 seconds to be exact! 🙂


Shampoo – The volumizing shampoo is sulfate, phosphate and paraben-free, and is very gentle on all hair types even color-treated hair. I needed to really saturate my hair with a lot  of water to get a good lather going, but once I did I was able to work it into my hair very well.

Conditioner – I am not shy about the amount of the volumizing conditioner I use and I let it sit for a few minutes then rinse.

My favorite was the Shake ‘n Spray because it detangles, smells great and leaves an awesome shine!  I just shake and spray it throughout my hair, I liked applying more to the top of my head to help my  frizzies. It is a non-greasy formula that left my hair feeling great.

DownloadedFile        Shake-n-Spray-Diagram     DownloadedFile

To learn more about My Amazing Blow Dry Secret or to make a purchase, visit

I am so pleased to announce that ONE of my readers will get to win their own trio set!! Open to the US only. I am keeping this one open for 30 days! 07/09 through 08/08 so share with your friends and do your daily entries because this is a product that you WILL LOVE !! Enter on the Entry Form Below for your chance to win!


24 thoughts on “My Amazing Blow Dry Secret Review and Giveaway (US Only) 08/08

  1. I don’t normally style my hair… or even brush it. I know its sad! But I work from home so my hair stays in like a ponytail/bun all day. IF I do go out however, I normally just flat iron it so it doesn’t look too crazy. >.<

  2. It normally takes me 15 mins or less. I’d love to spend more time on it but don’t really have anything to use on it.

  3. It takes me about 10 minutes to dry my hair. But it gets too tangled. I would love to try to these products because I think they could help. kristiedonelson(at)gmail(dot)com Thank you!

  4. I am starting my own salon and I think it would be a good thing to try for those clients with really thick hair to reduce time and work. Awesome idea and secret! Worth the try!

  5. Actually I never blow dry. I just rub a little handmade leave-in conditioner on my hands and run it through my hair and let it air dry. I’d prefer to use the extra time in the morning for sleeping I’m afraid. This is for my niece should I win.

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