New Fiber One Protein Cereal

Disclosure: From Downriver To Downright Country received product as a BzzAgent in order to conduct a review, no monetary compensation was provided unless noted otherwise. All opinions are 100% my own. 


Cranberry Almond is like eating dessert for breakfast! So Delicious. I snack on it during the day and it is one snack that actually holds you over until your next meal. I normally dread breakfast because I never have time to eat anything healthy that will actually fill me up, but I look forward to breakfast now and LOVE that Fiber One holds me over until my next meal. No more growling tummy in the AM!



Maple Brown Sugar tastes so good it is like eating one of my kids cereals for breakfast! So delicious, I can’t believe how tasty this one is. I feel like I’m indulging into an unhealthy treat when I eat this cereal. In reality I am getting every necessary nutrient my body needs in the morning.  Just like the Cranberry flavor, Maple Brown Sugar holds me over until lunch time and then I even eat more for a little afternoon snack. It is easy to cut out unhealthy snacking when you have cereals that taste as good as these two from Fiber One!!


11 thoughts on “New Fiber One Protein Cereal

  1. I love eating cereal for breakfast, but hate how soon I get hungry afterward. These Fiber One with protein would definitely stop that from happening. Sounds like two delicious flavors, too! I’ll definitely be looking for coupons for these!

  2. I think the Cranberry Almond sounds great. Tonight is grocery night & I think I’ll pick up a box. I like to snack on dry cereal.

  3. I completely agree with you on the maple brown sugar!! Growing up one of the only things that my parents could get me to eat for breakfast was maple brown sugar oatmeal. I tried this cereal a few months ago and it instantly brought me back. I feel like it’s grown up me’s new “maple sugar oatmeal!” haha! Love cereals that make adult versions of fun stuff!!

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