Ozeri Duo Ultra Salt and Pepper Mill and Grinder, Stainless Steel *Review*

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-Durable eco-friendly ceramic mechanism easily grinds peppercorns, salt and spices

-Seasons accurately with dual adjustable ceramic grinding mechanisms for salt and pepper that adjusts from fine to coarse

-Features an elegant stainless-steel exterior with an ergonomic non-slip grip

-Uniquely designed easy-refill system prevent spillage

-Transparent container makes monitoring pepper level easy and reveals the grinding action; Satisfaction Guaranteed


Salt and pepper put the final touch on every meal (in my opinion). I salt and pepper everything, literally! I get weird looks all the time. The Ozeri Duo was calling my name and I HAD to have it! I love fresh milled salt and pepper.

It is very easy to fill and use once you get the hang of it. I had some trouble at first but I watched a video and it helped tremendously.It’s super easy once you learn to do it right.   You simply take off the bottom part of mill and slide over a piece making it into a functional funnel to use to add your salt and peppercorns. Filling is quick and mess free. The bottom lid snaps back on and catches the salt and pepper you do grind, or you can leave it off and grind over your food.



61ZRfhntVoL._SX522_ 61XBYFQ38jL._SX522_


As you can see the gears are ceramic so they made to last long. You can also adjust the grain of your salt and pepper easily as shown above. I love that this grinder/mill is manuel and easy to use. It grinds one spice at a time as indicated by arrows to grind either clockwise for pepper and counter-clockwise for salt.

Picture 2


The design is stainless steel and black and I think it’s beautiful! It goes great with any decor and is very modern. I’ve been using my grinder/mill everyday since I filled it up. I absolutely love it!

You can purchase the Ozeri Duo Ultra Salt and Pepper Mill and Grinder on Amazon for $19.95 HERE

8 thoughts on “Ozeri Duo Ultra Salt and Pepper Mill and Grinder, Stainless Steel *Review*

  1. Love to have this…that the gears are ceramic would hopefully mean it would be the last I would have to purchase for quite a long time, and the design is definitely something that would fit in with my kitchen!

  2. Just what we need 2 in 1 grinder for salt and pepper, so you can’t lose one without the other, lol, were always losing the salt or pepper

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