PetBox Monthly Subscription Box for Pets *Review*

Disclosure: From Downriver To Downright Country receives products in order to conduct a review, no monetary compensation was provided unless noted otherwise. All opinions are 100% my own. In case of a giveaway the sponsor is responsible for the delivery of prize(s), unless noted otherwise



PetBox is a monthly subscription box for pets (dogs or cats) that allows you to select what items you wish to receive in your box!   You can also opt for a “Surprise Me” box in which PetBox will hand-select your items for you. You can opt for a dog box, a cat box, or a combination dog/ cat box. Enjoy a mix of healthy treats, toys, and accessories for your dog or cat each month.

This month Bandit received a whole lot of good stuff that she loved! Her favorite out of the box this month was the Bully Stick.


-Dr. Helen’s Canine Tooth Bakery- Peanut Butter Honey Nut crinkled dog biscuits

Bandit LOVES dog treats, what dog doesn’t right?!?  But even we feel great giving these treats to our loved pup because they are both made with natural ingredients and free of all the yucky stuff that our animals don’t need!

Dr. Helen’s Canine Tooth Bakery provides all natural, wheat, soy and corn free dog treats!


– It’s Purely Natural Chicken Jerky Bone shaped treats 

Purely simple. Purely delicious. It’s Purely Natural Dog Treats! Farmed and made in the USA, all It’s Purely Natural treats feature a simple, short list of all natural ingredients with names you know. No additives, by-products or artificial preservatives. Glycerin, gluten, soy and wheat free. They’re purely awesome!


  • Made in the USA
  • Grain free, soy free, gluten free, wheat free, corn free
  • 100% all natural

-Barkworthies Long Curly Bully Stick

Bandit’s FAVORITE treat out of the box was her Bully Stick! She even growled when the cat came over to see what she was snacking on. She definitely played the part by acting like a “bully” to the cat while she was chowing down on her Bully Stick (haha).

Barkworthies Long Curly Bully Sticks are like the standard 12″ Bully Stick but shaped to add some variety to your dog’s daily routine! Dogs love the taste, texture and smell of these all-natural Bully Sticks! Barkworthies Long Curly Bully Sticks have a unique shape that is ideal for maintaining your dog’s oral health and encouraging good breath!

Barkworthies Long Curly Bully Sticks are 100% digestible dog chews making them a great alternative to the traditional rawhide. This is a single ingredient product made from free-range, grass-fed Brazilian cattle.

  • Unique shape helps to support dental health
  • 100% digestible dog chews
  • Made from free-range, grass-fed cattle
  • Perfect for medium to large dogs
  • Long lasting bully sticks

Size: 10″ – 12″ Long



-Essential Adventure Bowl

These bowls come in handy very much when we take Bandit on walks or to the park to play. It is great and very convenient to have a bowl that fits right into my purse!

Keep your thrill sniffer hydrated and happy with the Alcott Essentials Collapsible Adventure Bowl, which features 64 ounces of storage capacity and 24 hour leak proof lining. The Adventure Bowl folds up small enough to be carried in your backpack or purse, and can even snap around a leash.

  • 64 oz storage capacity
  • 24 hour leak-proof lining
  • Snap around leash, strap or belt loop


-TropiClean fresh breath

You’re going to catch some puppy kisses, why not make them fresh and also keep their oral hygiene top notch.

Tropiclean’s natural Water Additive is developed to provide dogs and cats with essential daily oral hygiene care. Without proper dental care, 70% of dogs and cats start to show signs of oral disease by age 3. Oral disease can eventually lead to tooth loss or other serious health problems. Tropiclean’s natural Water Additive promotes healthy gums and eliminates bad breath for up to 12 hours.

  • Fast and easy to use
  • Add one cap full to your pets water bowl (approx.16oz) every time you refill it


-Pawtastic Fleece Pet Toys – braided toy

Last but not least Bandit received this awesome toy that she adores playing with!
  • Durable Fleece Chew Toy
  • Cleans your pet’s teeth while they play and chew
  • Won’t shred like rope toys or hard plastic toys



 Sign up and start receiving PetBox Here!


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