Pure Organic Shea Butter Review (2015 Mother’s Day Gift Guide)

Pure Organic Shea Butter

• ABSORBS RAPIDLY – Our pure shea butter works great as a head to toe moisturizer for both the skin and the hair. It also reduces stretch marks, scars and wrinkles, soothes sunburn and heals razor burn.
• NO BY-PRODUCTS – Our pure shea butter has no petroleum by-products, no dye, no parabens and no other artificial preservatives. It’s also toxin free, all of which makes it ideal to use on both baby’s skin and adults with sensitive skin.
• FILTERED AND PURE – Our shea butter organic formula is not grainy and does not scratch skin. All nutshell debris is removed by filtering for a soft, pure shea butter that melts in your hand.
• HIGH IN BENEFICIAL VITAMINS – This pure shea butter contains Vitamins A, E and F (omega 3 and omega 6) which nourish your skin, heal it and also make your hair shine!
• IT’S EVEN EDIBLE – That’s right, shea butter is edible. It’s often used in cooking and in particular to make chocolate and margarine. It can also be used for softening and conditioning leather and wood. Musicians use it on leather tuning straps. In other words, this is just a great, versatile product. Order today to get your supply. Your purchase will be backed by a money-back guarantee.


After the long winter my skin begs for moisture! I was so thankful to receive this pure organic greatness! I love when I can apply moisturizer to my body and instantly feel better. I love the big tub the moisturizer comes in. It is easy to scoop out and goes on smooth and creamy. The only problem I have had with this is that it feels slightly greasy and takes a little time to rub in. I also am not to wild about the smell, its not horrible, just not as pleasant as I’d like it to be. BUT since I love how well it moisturizes I don’t mind spending a little extra time rubbing in.

Purchase your Organic Shea Butter Here on Amazon


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