RTGS Micro LED Lights *Review*

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Light is our passion. RTGS Products mission is to create a better world through great lighting design and energy efficient LED technology. We strive to explore and cultivate the powers of light in the human experience through lighting products. Customers use our versatile LED lights for a range of endeavors, from traditional uses such as events string lights to unique uses such as building model airports with LED lit runways and beautiful costumes.

RTGS Products was launched in 2009 with a simple objective, to offer a selection of lighting products of the highest standards of passion, creativity and quality. Our standards are clear and simple; our LED lights must be beautiful in design and simplicity, be strong in construction, and create a magical atmosphere. We are constantly expanding our product lines and are always innovating unique and creative products.

I received the 30 count super bright cold white color indoor and outdoor string of LED lights with timer and the 20 count super bright pink color lights to review.

I was so interested in these lights when I saw them because LED light strings are a great way to light up an area of your home in a fun and energy efficient manner because they are battery operated! These lights are awesome for decor and every day use!

I love that these have very thin wire and the LED bulbs are about size of a grain of rice but are intensely bright. They produce a great amount of light and they illuminate in every direction. The battery life is awesome on these. I especially love that the 30 count super bright cold white color indoor and outdoor lights have a timer! The timer feature, When used with new batteries they last for over 48 hours on constant “ON” mode and Over 14 Days on “TIMER” mode (6 Hours ON and 18 Hours OFF). Battery Box has 3-mode operations.
These cute micro LED lights are easy to hide, and give beautiful true color.


I love these lights.  We used the white color lights to wrap around our headboard. I love how they look and add a beautiful look to our bedroom – We have not done anything amazing with the pink lights yet, I am thinking about putting them in my daughters room around her letters that spell out her name on her wall. I can think of so many awesome ways to use them for projects. There are so many options with a set of bright lights that are so light weight.

20140706_021913   20140706_021704

The low price on these lights are amazing, you would think they should cost more. I will be shopping here soon. Next I want to try the 100 count ones for my patio. I know they would look great and I love that they can plug in and be energy efficient.





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23 thoughts on “RTGS Micro LED Lights *Review*

  1. I really love the led lights that are bright, light and small 🙂 $6.25 for 20 count super bright pink color lights is a great deal! I would like to buy and decorate for our Christmas tree soon!
    Thank You for sharing this clear and informative review! Love it!

  2. I love these lights! Perfect for Christmas, Halloween, or honestly any day whatsoever. I know my husband and I have been talking about doing something with lights like this in our living room. We love the way string lights add an ambiance to just about any room.

  3. These are so pretty! I recently moved to a new house and have been trying to think of low-cost decorating ideas. These lights would be fun in our basement or my bedroom.

  4. These are really cool. They would be terrific on a patio or around a pool. My granddaughter loves lights in her room also.

  5. Thanks for your honest review. The lights look super bright. My mom used to have a Cleveland Browns shrine with orange lights. That was pretty cool! kristiedonelson(at)gmail(dot)com Thank you.

  6. These are the coolest lights. I can think of a 100 ways that I could light up my world with them. They would be great for all the seasons. I would love to own all of these lights. They are very pretty.

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