Safari Ltd. Animal Toys Review

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ABOUT THE COMPANY: It all started in 1982 when after a trip to Germany, our founders, Bernard and Rosemarie Rubel, returned with a card game that would be the beginning of Safari Ltd®. Its theme was endangered species.

A few years later in 1986, Safari Ltd® signed one of the most important license agreements in the company’s history with the Carnegie Museum of Natural History. This license allowed for the production of authentic, scale-model dinosaur figures with the collaboration of their paleontologists. This was the foundation for Safari Ltd® to make educational figures for years to come.

The founders of Safari Ltd®, had a vision to share the unique beauty of wildlife with children and a passion to educate through the joy of play. Each figure is designed to have museum-quality authenticity to ensure they are as lifelike as possible. With new scientific data always emerging, this means the products are also continually being updated.

Each product is artfully hand-painted so that no two figures are the same. We still have some of the original painters in the factory painting some of the same Carnegie dinosaurs after over 25 years.

Safari Ltd®’s toys are inspired by nature, fueling the imagination and speaking to the innate curiosity in all of us.

Children play with them, adults collect them and educators worldwide enjoy teaching with these unique figures.

After 3 generations, Safari Ltd® continues to forge ahead with their vision. Year after year, new Toys that Teach™ are created to encourage the importance of nature and its conservation through the joy of play.

Leilani LOVES animals! She talks about different animals all the time. She has tons of animal books! Recently she was sent some animals from Safari Ltd. for us to review.  Two of her most favorite animals (even though it was so hard to have her narrow down her “favorites”) are Dogs and Horses… So, she got a Clydesdale Stallion and a Black Labrador


Leilani was so excited when I pulled these out of the box! She started playing with them right away.

Leilani has a huge amount of other animal figures but really, the quality of these animals is SO much better! You can easily tell by the way they look and feel that these replicas are made with high quality materials and so much detail goes into each animal! Each animal is so beautiful and real looking. They really are amazing!


These great toys have brought so much joy to Leilani! They are a great way to get her using her imagination! Lately she’s been playing with them in her Doll House. Her lucky dolls now own a brand new dog and a horse! Haha.


Safari Ltd. has a LOT of different replicas you can purchase. Such as Wildlife Safari animals, Sea Life replicas and even Dinosaurs and Dragons! You can purchase Safari Ltd. replicas online–Here . Visit Safari Ltd. online at, LIKE  them on Facebook, and follow them on Twitter!


12 thoughts on “Safari Ltd. Animal Toys Review

  1. My son would have loved to have played with these when he was younger. The details on them are awesome. There is a wide variety of them as well which makes them even better. There a little expensive but if it makes your child happy that’s what matters most.

  2. Well you picked two of my fave animals, the dog and horse. No small pieces to go missing or batteries needed. They would travel well too. They’re a hit with me if they last a long time for the price.

  3. I love the quality and attention to detail. The nails on the dog and fur on the horse. Looks like these will be around a long time.

  4. I remember my sisters playing with horse figurines as children. These would make good gifts for kids’ birthday parties!

  5. I’m a sucker for fun toys even though I’m not a kid anymore. My brother gave me some plastic dinosaurs for Christmas a few years ago and I was really delighted. I love animals and lifelike animal toys. These look really nice!

  6. i think its great to encourage creative play with animals i remember loving horse figurines as a kid! these look sturdy!!

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