Water Infusion Bottle Review (2015 Mother’s Day Gift Guide)

Water Infusion Bottle

• DRINK ON THE GO – Our infuser water bottle comes with finger grips and a flip-top cap-making it perfect for drinking while on the go! It’s also great for drinking at home or at the gym or anywhere else you may be. Now you can quickly, easily and conveniently infuse your water with any flavor you like, including fresh fruit, veggies, herbs, or even tea.
• SAVE MONEY AND BE HEALTHY – Stop wasting money on flavored waters, sodas and zero calorie water! With our fruit infuser water bottle you can take great-tasting, healthy water with you wherever you go.
• ECO FRIENDLY AND LEAK PROOF – This infuser water bottle is made in the USA and is made from BPA-free plastic, making it safe for both you and the planet! Our infuser bottle has passed both Leak Proof and Durability tests to satisfy the needs of our customers.
• CONVENIENT – Taking this fruit infuser water bottle with you couldn’t be more convenient. It’s the perfect fit for car cup-holders and it will loop onto backpacks so you can be hands-free.
• FREE GIFT – Order the infuser water bottle now and receive a free ebook filled with tasty water recipes. Just click add to cart on this page to get your fruit infuser water bottle and free gift today. Your purchase will be backed by a 100% money-back guarantee.


I LOVE lemon water, and I normally have to go without when I am on the go. Not anymore! This is the water infuser bottle I wish I always had!! Not only does it save us money but it also is helping us make healthier choices while on the go! I love the flip top, as it is easy to use even for my 4 year old. They don’t leak and fit nicely in cup holders so we can take them on the go. My daughter loves making her own fruity drinks with strawberries and kiwi. The infusers come out of the bottles easily so you can fill them up with any fruit of your choice. You can use fresh or frozen fruit. I enjoy fresh lemon but since my kids are rather slow drinkers I use frozen in theirs and it keeps their water chilled while adding delicious flavor! They are top rack dishwasher safe but I just wash them out by hand and put them in the drying rack. There’s rarely a time one of us is not using it anyway! I will be definitely getting another set that way we each have our own.

Purchase your Water Infusion Bottle Here on Amazon


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