Yonanas Healthy Dessert Maker *Review*

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Yonanas frozen dessert maker is the most wonderful thing I have had the pleasure to review! I have not met a child that does not love ice cream. But I have met parents who do not love to feed their children ice cream. It’s summer and that means it’s time for ice cream! Thankfully with Yonanas every child, and adult can indulge in a delicious dessert that taste just like ice cream only it’s made out of 100% fruit and much healthier for you and dairy free. You use frozen fruit to create a delicious and naturally healthy treat that is so similar to soft-serve ice cream that is really hard to tell the difference.


My daughter is an ice cream fanatic, if I let her she would eat it morning, noon, and night. My son on the other hand is lactose intolerant and so he does not get to enjoy “normal” ice cream like everybody else. Which is why I was so anxious to welcome our Yonanas machine into our home! I have frozen bananas before and attempted to make frozen banana ice cream by putting them in the food processor but that did not go as planned and It kind of just chopped them up instead of making them creamy. I have never had great results until using the Yonanas machine!!

Just to explain a little more on how it works, First, let your bananas over-ripen some until they have cheetah spots on their peels.  You then peel them slice them in half place them in a resealable plastic bag for at least 24-hours in the freezer before use.

After freezing bananas, you also freeze whatever other fruit you would like to use, at least 24-hours before using it.  I had pineapple and strawberries that I sliced and froze.

Now that I had my frozen fruit, it was time to make Yonanas 🙂   It’s recommended that you take your bananas and other frozen fruit out of the freezer about 7-10 minutes before you’re going to use it.  This allows the fruit to thaw slightly and provide the best consistency for your Yonanas.
Once you have your machine ready to go and your fruit ready as well, put a bowl under the chute to catch your Yonanas mix and get started.  The machine is extremely simple to operate!   There is only one button and it turns the machine on and off and you just simply push pieces of the frozen fruit down the chute with the plunger.  Also the machine is simple to clean too.  There are two main parts, the base (motor) and the chute.  When you break the chute down, there are five parts, but they are dishwasher safe or simply rinse with hot soapy water.
Now for the FUN part, EATING! We made strawberry Yonanas first and it was a favorite! My kids enjoyed their healthy dessert very much. They seen us making it and they were both super excited that their favorite fruit was turning into ice cream right before their eyes!


In celebration for National Banana Split Day which is today (Monday, August 25th) we made a Yonanas Split! My husband and I agree it was THE BEST Banana Split we have ever had! Heres how to make it:

Strawberry Yonanas
Pineapple Yonanas
Chocolate Yonanas

thawed frozen strawberries
chopped nuts
chocolate sauce
1 fresh banana (sliced length-wise)

1 )    In banana split dish, add one scoop Strawberry Yonanas, one scoop Pineapple Yonanas & one scoop Chocolate Yonanas
2 )    Split one fresh banana length-wise and set on both sides of Yonanas scoops
3 )    Top Strawberry Yonanas with frozen strawberries that have thawed in their juice
4 )    Top Pineapple Yonanas with your favorite chopped nuts
5 )    Top Chocolate Yonanas with chocolate sauce
6 )    Enjoy!

Strawberry Yonanas
2 frozen ripe bananas, 3⁄4 cup frozen strawberries
1. Insert one frozen banana
2. Add 3⁄4 cup frozen strawberries
3. Insert second frozen banana
4. Stir in bowl to combine

Pineapple Yonanas
2 frozen ripe bananas
1 cup frozen pineapple chunks
1. Insert 1 frozen banana
2. Add 1/2 cup frozen pineapple chunks
3. Alternate remaining ingredients
4. Stir in bowl to combine

Chocolate Yonanas
2 frozen ripe bananas, 2 oz dark chocolate
1. Insert one frozen banana
2. Add 2 oz dark chocolate
3. Insert second frozen banana
4. Stir in bowl to combine


You can Purchase a Yonanas Machine directly on the website, and you can also see locations Where To Buy in store.







45 thoughts on “Yonanas Healthy Dessert Maker *Review*

  1. My children would love to try this! It seems easy enough to use and they love the independence of operating appliances and creating their own foods.

  2. I own a Yonanas machine. My family loves it. We mix Strawberries with Bananas for a delicious after dinner dessert.

  3. Your results look fantastic! I just can’t wait for Yonanas though, so I simply use my blender and toss is frozen banana and blueberries, and sometimes juice. It works fairly well for a delicious purple ice cream with no seed issues unless you add other fruit.

  4. I’d love to make some of the banana frozen dessert & pour caramel sauce over it. Would that mean it was no longer healthy, lol?

  5. Wow!! This sounds awesome! I would love to try this! Only fruit sounds super healthy! Thanks for the honest review! kristiedonelson(at)gmail(dot)com Thank you!

  6. This looks like it’s delicious and fun! I’m an ice cream fanatic, so this would be a nice alternative when I want something cool and sweet.

  7. My grandkids love any fruit but especially bananas. I think I’d try some frozen peaches or strawberries. It would be nice if it came with a recipe booklet.

  8. this dessert maker is awesome!! i love that new products like this are coming out for people of all ages to stay healthy but have fun!!

  9. It’s nice to see a thorough review on this. I’ve considered purchasing it but wondered if it would be worth it. I currently use my hand mixer to make banana “nice-cream”. This definitely seems like a better way to incorporate other flavors, get a smoother texture and more fun for my daughter.

  10. I want one of these and also hear great things about the Yonanas Dessert Maker. I would be making all kinds of fruit smoothies. What a healthy treat for everyone to enjoy!!!

  11. I have heard about this and it would be a wonderful treat for our family. Thanks to your review which makes it looks so easy and delicious, it looks even more like a great fit so it will be at the top of my Christmas wish list. My kids will be thrilled! Thanks!

  12. I bought a Yonanas dessert maker. I love making making banana “ice cream” topped with chocolate chips or caramel. I also use it to make sorbets using frozen pineapple and strawberries. It’s easy to use and delicious.

  13. I have a big ice cream maker, but it’s tough to prepare all of the ingredients on the fly. This would be wonderful to have for all of those ripe bananas I keep tossing in the freezer!

  14. This looks really awesome. I love ice cream, but need more fruit in my life. I wonder what you can use instead of banana’s? Believe it or not, I have a child who cannot stand the taste of them!

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