Shinesty *review*


Alright ladies and gents, do you like to stand out and look downright good in what you’re wearing?

Ofcourse you do!


I don’t quite love the idea of sticking out in a crowd, but sometimes, when I see a piece of wardrobe I absolutely love and it speaks to me in a silly, my kind of humor way, I just HAVE to have it!


Allow me to introduce you to Shinesty. Please have your big girl/boy pants on before you travel to their website because they are not for the faint of heart… Oh I’m just kidding, they’re not THAT bad…but as their motto states “Stay weird and Shine on”.

The lovely people from Shinesty welcomed me into their weird world with an opportunity to review one of their Eagle Kimono  and this Summer Nights Navy Stars Hoodie and Shorts Set.


1st of all, I’m going to say not only do I feel like a boss when I put this Kimono on, but holy quality!


This thing is so silky smooth with a nice weight to it, so that it doesn’t feel cheap like some other ones I’ve felt before. And yes, I will sit on my porch and drink coffee in this thing until I find a sweet pool party to wear it to like the people on the website are. I say it feels heavy, but it’s nice and not too hot to wear it while you’re outside either.


It’s also a great alternative to your average “beach cover up”. It’s a great way to protect your skin while out doing summertime outdoorsy things. I can see myself now standing in my backyard waving at my neighbor 🙂 How patriotic of me, huh?

Livin the American dream.

Next, let’s just talk about these pjs, ok?


I wear these too much. I pictured myself lounging on my patio furniture while my husband grills us dinner, meanwhile I’m sipping a cocktail enjoying the summer sunset. Sounds nice. I probably will do that…more than once, but before that I will rock this set as an outfit for as long as I can get away with it. These are the most comfortable pajamas ever.


The hood on this top is so fun.


We live right by the river, so even our summer nights get cool sometimes. This is perfect for those “start warm, end chilly” nights.


I can confidently say that I know I don’t have to look blah and boring when I’m wearing anything from Shinesty. Their hilarious array of clothing choices for men and women are so far from ordinary.
If you need a great gift for someone with a great sense of humor and a love for the finer things in life, I will recommend Shinesty
over and over. Have fun, let loose, and for the love of everything stay weird.
Excuse me while I continue to stretch my Mother’s day “day off” out and lounge all day. In my starry pj’s of course 😉