EquiptBaby-The Complete Diaper bag *Review&Giveaway* (US Only) Ends 02/15/15

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Please read About EquiptBaby and learn how and why Kristin created such an amazing bag!

Diaper Bags come in handy whether you have newborns, or toddlers. I know quite a bit of moms, including myself that have to carry a diaper even still when you have toddlers. For having two kids, ages 2 and 4 I was lost before having this great bag! Sometimes it feels like I have to pack for a vacation just to go to the grocery store. That’s where the Equiptbaby comes in handy.

What is the one thing a parent  never leaves home without? A diaper bag of course! EquiptBaby offers the best in diaper bags for you to have on hand. Whether you are using it for daily trips to the store or to visit a friend, or you are packing it for an extended stay away from home this diaper bag is the ultimate bag. Fashion meets functionality in a deluxe diaper bag with multiple offerings to make a parents life a tad bit easier.

The EquiptBaby Diaper Bag Includes:

• Collapsible Bassinet

• Insulated cooler pocket

• Inside pockets for storage

• Changing pad

• Secured outside pocket for keys, etc.

• Expandable accordion opening and flat-base design

• Adjustable padded shoulder strap

Every parent knows that when you’re out with your baby sometimes you need to lay them down for a nap. When you are away from home, nothing is simple about naps. EquiptBaby gives you not only a place to carry diapers, change of clothing and food – it gives you a travel bassinet. Exactly what you need ; a safe and comfy place to lay them down for a quick nap. This is a very easy to assemble bassinet is great for those quick naps at a friend’s or family’s house. I also think that it would be great for outdoor activities, keeping bugs away from your precious baby because it has the clips that close the mesh around the bassinet. I also love that you can see your baby easily through the mesh.

DownloadedFile DownloadedFile

There is also a very sturdy, thick changing pad included in this bag. I love this changing pad when I am out with my son and use it very often.


All Moms & Dads will love how durable this diaper bag is. Sturdy detachable straps make it easy on shoulders when you are carrying a lot in the bag. A wide opening and flexible bag means you can fit even more in this EquiptBaby bag than a traditional diaper bag. It completely meets fashion and function all in one item.

I love that the buttons snap together from magnets. There is no struggling to open the pockets,as they open easily with hardly any effort, bit they stay tightly shut when being tussled around and/or set down. Speaking of setting it down, I personally love the hard plastic bottom. When setting diaper bags down the bottoms normally get dirty and icky looking, this plastic is easy to clean and stays mess free. The stable bottom also prevents the diaper bag from tipping.

DownloadedFile DownloadedFile

Another great feature is the insulated storage pocket inside! You can store snacks, water, formula & even breast milk safely. No need to carry a separate bottle cooler when you have this bag. Simply unzip and slide your chilled items inside. This is such a convenient feature that every parent will thumbs up!

Whether you are buying for yourself or a friend, the EquiptBaby diaper bag is a great choice for any new or experienced parents. With classic gender neutral colors it is easy for mom and dad both to carry without it being too showy. The black bag is perfect with any outfit,  This is the best diaper bag! It would make a great gift for a friend or yourself.

BUY IT: You can purchase this Complete Diaper Bag with the Bassinet and Changing Pad included on  Amazon

WIN IT: EquiptBaby would like to give my readers the chance to win this AMAZING diaper bag. ONE(1) winner will receive a complete diaper bag like the one I received for my review which includes the collapsable bassinet and changing pad. This giveaway is open to the U.S. Only and will remain open until Feb. 15th at 11:00pm CST. Please enter using the giveaway tools entry form below.


68 thoughts on “EquiptBaby-The Complete Diaper bag *Review&Giveaway* (US Only) Ends 02/15/15

  1. I like the bassinet feature. Too bad I didn’t have this when my kids were younger. It would be a gift for my Niece (to be, due in August)!

  2. I love that it closes with magnets. I have a purse that does that and I love it. If I won, I’d give this to my friend who is pregnant with her first.

  3. Wow! I love that this is so versatile! It has everything you could need without being bulky. As much as I would like to keep it, my toddler would not get as much use out of it as my cousin who is having a baby soon!

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