Mottos flip flops and charms for Kids-Giveaway-(US Only) Ends 12/17

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 I received two sets of Mottos flip flops for my son and daughter. I also received 5 charm sets for both kids to review! Mottos would make great gift this holiday for children 4 and up.

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Mottos Flip Flop Set includes 1 pair of flip flops, two custom charms, Mottos logo backpack and a collector’s case with snap board to organize and display charms.

“Mottos flip flops and charms help parents, teachers and children learn better ways to communicate, express and manage their feelings. Wearing Mottos flip flops and collecting all Mottos™ custom charm characters, allows kids to get in touch with their own emotions in fun, playful and positive ways. When kids can express and communicate their feelings, they build confidence and character!

We want all kids to know that feelings are part of who we are and we can positively communicate that through self-expression. By educating them and providing them with the proper tools, we want to encourage kids everywhere that “life is all about Expression!”.”

As you read, Mottos were created to help kids express their emotions in a positive way with playful characters designed each with their own personalities. Mottos are much more then just your average pair of flip flops. You kids are sure to love personalizing their flip flops with the fun characters and other charms available.


Mottos flip flops come in a great carry case that kids can snap all of their charms into the snap board and play with without losing them. My son is still a little young to play with the charms, but my daughter loves playing with the charms on the board. She sits and organizes her favorite ones on top and plays with them for a long time. Her imagination is wonderful and these friendly characters make her playtime fun! She spends so long playing with the charms making them talk in different voices and guessing their personalities by how they each look. She really has learned more about emotions through these adorable charms!

DownloadedFile DownloadedFile


I was told that the flip flops run a bit small, and I would agree to that statement. They fit my kids great, with room to grow because we received a couple sizes bigger than the usual. The straps fit great on my kids, not to snug, but if your child has chubbier little feet the straps may be a little snug at first then stretch as they wear them more.

My daughter had a little trouble pushing the charms into the flip flop straps by herself, but I know that it will get easier for her. I think they are a little tough to push in at first but that way you know they stay in securely while wearing them.

BUY NOW: You can purchase the Flip Flops and Charms on the  Mottos Website or Amazon Here

WIN IT: Kim, the founder of Mottos is offering my lucky readers the chance to win a pair of Mottos Flip Flops of your very own! This giveaway is open to US only, and will remain open until 12/17 at 11:00pm CST. Please enter using the giveaway tools entry form below!


42 thoughts on “Mottos flip flops and charms for Kids-Giveaway-(US Only) Ends 12/17

  1. My kids would love these… I like that they can express themselves with charms. I think the variety 10 pack would work for them.

  2. Thank you for hosting this great giveaway. It would be great to win any color flip-flop set for my youngest cousin who loves wearing flip flops on a regular basis.

  3. My daughter is fairly young, but she absolutely adores anything to do with clothing or shoes. I know that she would love these flip flops!! I think they’re adorable myself! Thank you so much for doing this awesome giveaway!!

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